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Waggle 100g Cat Litter Lemon Mint Deodorant Beads For Cat Toilet Absorbs Pet Waste Odour

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Color - Lavender
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Do you have a cat that you love, but can't stand the smell of their litter box?

100g Cat Litter Deodorant Beads are here to help! These beads absorb your cat's excrement and stink, leaving behind a refreshing lemon mint aroma.

Features & Benefits :

  • Deodorizes and absorbs : The beads will absorb any smells coming from your cat's excrement.
  • Freshens the air : The lemon mint scent will leave your home smelling fresh and clean.
  • Easy to use : Simply sprinkle the beads around your cat's litter box.

How it works :

The beads are made of a special absorbent material that will trap in any odors. The lemon mint scent will cover up any smells that are trapped in the beads.

Here's what our customers are saying :

"My cat's litter box used to stink up my whole house. But ever since I started using these beads, it's like the litter box is not even there!"

"I was so skeptical about this product, but it actually works! My house smells so much fresher now."

"I love that these beads are natural and don't contain any chemicals. My cat is happy and so am I!"

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