Waggle Smart Pet Bowl

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5-7 Days

Your Pet’s AI Nutritionist

In the journey of pet parenting, ensuring our furry friends are getting the right amount of nutrition is a pivotal step towards their health and happiness. That's where the Waggle Smart AI Bowl steps in a ground breaking solution designed to revolutionize how we monitor and manage our pets' diets. Whether you're looking to help your pet lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, this smart pet nutrition bowl is your new best friend.

The Perks of the Waggle Smart AI Bowl

Choosing the Waggle Smart AI Bowl means stepping into a world where your pet's diet is perfectly balanced, without the guesswork.


AI-Based Calorie Calculator

Tailors every meal to your pet's specific dietary requirements.

Comprehensive Food Database

Access to nutrition values for over 600+ pet foods.

Pet Diet Tracker

 Smart AI technology alerts you if your pet's diet is off-balance.

5-7 Days

Gone are the days of guessing portions or worrying if your dog or cat is eating too much or too little. The Waggle Smart AI Bowl makes feeding precise, stress-free, and smart. Here's a glimpse of what sets it apart:

Why Waggle Smart AI Bowl?

As pet parents, we all want what's best for our furry family members. The Waggle Smart AI Bowl empowers you to take control of your pet's health by providing a high-tech, yet incredibly user-friendly way to manage their dietary needs. From puppies to seniors, cats to dogs, this pet feeder is designed to make meal times fulfilling, nutritious, and above all, accurately measured.


This was easy to set up, it only took me a few minutes and the directions were easy to follow. It holds a good amount of food and the amount dispensed is accurate, I measured. This is perfect to use every day or when I’m gone for a longer period so my cat doesn’t have to wait on me to get home.


This automatic food dish has so many settings that allow many options for your animals feeding schedule. Very easy to set up and cleans up nice.


My feedback is somewhat positive overall because the 2-cup capacity is just right for my pet's meal times. However, the recharge time could use some improvement. Nevertheless, this product is a good addition to my pet care routine.


My cat has gotten used to the timed feedings as well as snack time. This has made feeding time so much easier and controlled in portions.


Thrilled with the Automatic Dog Feeder! It's a lifesaver, ensuring my furry friend never misses a meal. The programmable settings and portion control offer convenience and maintain a healthy feeding routine.