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Waggle Electric Colorful LED Pet Ball Toys,With USB Rechargeable

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Have you ever wanted to bring your pet's playtime to a whole new level?

Introducing the Waggfluence Electric Colorful LED Pet Ball Toy, With Feather USB Rechargeable! This innovative toy will keep your pet entertained for hours with its unique features.


🔆 Light Up LED: This pet ball toy is equipped with a bright LED light that can be turned on and off with a single button. The LED light is visible in the dark, making it perfect for evening playtime.

🔋 USB Rechargeable: The Waggfluence Electric Colorful LED Pet Ball Toy is powered by a USB rechargeable battery, so you don't have to worry about replacing batteries.

🎉 Interactive Feather: The toy includes an interactive feather that your pet can chase and play with. The feather also lights up, adding to the fun!


- Size: 4.7"

- Weight: 0.25lb

- Battery: USB Rechargeable


1. Plug the USB charging cable into the ball and the other end into a power source.

2. Once the ball is fully charged, press the button on the side to turn on the LED light.

3. Attach the feather to the ball and watch your pet chase and play with it.

4. To turn off the LED light, press the button again.


Q: How long does it take to charge the ball?

A: The ball takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge.

Q: Is the feather detachable?

A: Yes, the feather is detachable from the ball.




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