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Waggle did you feed your Dog?Easy Mount Magnet Must Have for Pet Parents

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Efficiently Track Your Pet’s Meals - No more skipped meals and overfeeding! Our pet food reminder helps you keep track of your pet’s feeding schedule. It’s a handy addition to dog and cat owner must haves, especially for busy pet owners.
A Convenient Reminder - This feeding routine chart has a click-in-place system to indicate if your pet has been fed. It has a slider goal tracker that you can shift to green if the dog has eaten, or left on silver if not.
Mounts On Surfaces - Our pet wellness tracker for dog feeding is made using sturdy ABS plastic, structured to stay in place with 2 mounting options. You can mount this dog activity tracker using its magnets or adhesive stickers.
No Batteries Required - Don’t let technical issues get in the way of having a well fed dog. Our dog feeding trackers are simple reminder devices that do not rely on batteries and are manually operated - ideal for kids and the elderly in the household.
The Original And Only DYFTD - The original family company, we create quality products designed to support responsible pet care. We offer various pet feeding station reminders and medication reminder devices for you and your family.


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