Are you a bird lover?

Are you a bird lover?

Are you a bird lover?

Birds are gentle and friendly as pets and well suited for people who want a pet with not many responsibilities. They are great as companions and you would love to wake up with their sweet chirping every morning. Though parakeets still rank first in the list of pet birds, there are quite a few other breeds that are fast gaining popularity. If your family is ready for a pet but want to go easy about the caring hours, a feathered companion is the answer. They can quickly become your family’s best friend with their sweet gestures and tunes. Once you see them in a pet store, you cannot resist having them over. Waggfluence wishes you a lovely parenting and brings to you some bird essentials that you must have to pamper them with love.

Waggfluence bird toy bathtub with feeder, food container, bath shower, water dispenser and small toys- A perfect all in one solution to your bird parenting, this toy bathtub is a must have in any bird household. It is made of safe and durable plastic and is great for daily use. It features an electric water circulation design that is easy to clean and perfect to keep your bird cool. The feather dust and parasites that may be present can be cleaned easily while a bath in this water bath. It helps dissipate body heat and also moisturizes the skin. Available in a variety of soothing colours, you can get home the one that suits your bird colour tone best. Small toys as complimentary additions in this package make the deal even more exciting to buy.

Waggfluence chewing toy for birds- For parrots, African Grey Macaws Cockatoos- This chew toy for birds contains coloured wooden blocks and accessories in various shapes to attract them to climb and explore it. This toy provides the essential physical activity to your feather friends and gives them a feel of their natural habitat. Since the blocks are arranged in multiple layers, the birds find it enticing to climb up the blocks and explore. It is made of wood and safe to chew for the birds as it is durable and bite resistant. This helps the birds to preen and condition their beak and also have fun. It fits most cages and thus can help keep your birdie busy for a long time playing with it.

Waggfluence floral washable diapers for small and medium size birds- The cute attractive diaper flight suit for your pets is designed to dress up your pet in a unique fashion. It is made of 100% cotton and high quality fabric to be comfy for the small fragile bird pets. The adjustable neckerchief fits many different sizes for pets. Available in a variety of attractive colours and designs, aren’t they great to pose with in your photo shoots with your bird friend? Lend a swag feel to your pet bird with these and show them how special they are to you.

Waggfluence hanging bird house natural fiber bird nest- This bird house is great for outdoor hanging in your yard and on the bird cage as well. Made of natural grass, it looks similar to ones made by the birds in their natural habitat, making the birds feel at ease in this one. It provides a safe hideaway for birds and is chew and bite resistant thus extending durability to the product. The bird house is eco-friendly and breathable and not easy to deform. Use it as a yard decoration and rejoice having visitor birds take refuge in this bird house.

Your bird love can now inspire you to have a pet bird or a couple of them with these accessories from Waggfluence making your task of bird parenting a cakewalk. Get these home and be a pet parent in style!



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