Black Friday Super Sale

Black Friday Super Sale

Black Friday Super Sale

Black Friday is an informal name for the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. This year it is on November 25. It is a public holiday in more than 20 states, and is considered the start of the US Christmas shopping season. Many people do their Christmas shopping on Black Friday. That is why most stores have very alluring shopping offers on this day. At Waggfluence we have begun our Black Friday sales offer to last almost a month, so that you have the liberty to choose to shop whichever day you are free to do so. We have amazing deals which we would like you to have a look at.

Top Black Friday Picks

Perfect travel kit- Most of you are going to make road trips around this time of the year to visit your family or friends or utilise the holidays to go on a vacation. The offer on travel kit at Waggfluence stands for a combo purchase of Pet nonslip car seat and SUV waterproof portable liner at a good discounted price. Enjoy your trip with your pet and drive stress free with the non slip car seat that ensures your pet stays buckled up and safe in his position. If your pet loves to lounge on, use this waterproof liner which saves your car seat from getting spoiled in case your pet spills something or throws up if he suffers from car sickness.

Home cleaners- Festive season is also about a thorough clean of your home as you prepare to welcome guests. Many people are allergic to pet hairs and dander and so you need to double check on your cleaning regimen. To help you in this, Waggfluence brings you a combo offer of hair roller for pet hair cleaning and drain pet hair catcher silicon at great discount. Use the hair roller on your furniture, carpets and upholstery to ensure that all loose hairs are caught and got rid of. The drain catcher is great to use so as to not clog your washroom or sink drains of pet hair.

Best chew toys- While you are busy attending your guests, you need something to engage your pet with. All this crowd and unknown people might get him agitated and to soothe him you should provide some chew toys to vent out his aggression on. That is why Waggfluence has come up with a combo deal of three dog toys. Waggfluence treat dispenser toy keeps your dog busy as he spends hours finding the little treats hidden in the ball. Squeaky smiley ball toy keeps your dogs engaged in a play for a long time. Chew toy for aggressive dogs helps calm them in stress as they chew away and also keeps their dental health in check by removing bits of food from between their teeth.

Cool bathing kit- Your pet should also be clean, bright and shiny this festive season. After all, you love those compliments that you get on your pet by your guests. To help you with it, Waggfluence has this amazing combo deal of pet shampoo massager and water absorbing soft fiber towels. The shampoo massager helps you give a bath to your pet while massaging his coat and fur at the same time. You also save on your bath gel as this massager uses a bit of it for a lot of foam. After bath, dry them up completely using these fiber towels which are soft and gentle on the skin. It is important to dry them up completely so as ensure they don’t catch cold and fall ill.

Grooming kit- In addition to keeping your pet clean, it is also important to keep them well groomed for health and hygiene reasons. The next Black Friday super deal combo features a cat litter scooper and easy to clean grooming brush. The litter scooper is easy and hygienic to use and keeps your cat’s litter trays clean all day. The brush with high quality bristles works great to give a good relaxing brush, reducing stress and making them feel loved.

Catnip + brush- Another offer for cat parents is a combo of cat nip ball set and Waggfluence easy to clean grooming brush. Regulate your cat’s mood and supplement their gastrointestinal health by providing them this catnip ball set which they will lick or inhale according to their wish.

These combo offers as part of Black Friday sale has been curated keeping your festive needs in focus. Other than these there are attractive offers on all products in stock. While you have the option to buy one get one on many products, others are available at flat discounts of a certain percentage on the marked price depending on the product. Make use of these schemes and stock up on your pet supplies. You could also use these offers to buy gifts for your friends who also happen to be pet parents. Gear up folks! Now is the time to shop!

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