Catnip toys for your kitty

Catnip toys for your kitty

Catnip toys for your kitty

Just a few days ago we were talking about the benefits of catnip toys for the cats. Catnip is a plant that is known to have positive health aid on the cat. They also help the cat to spit out the intestinal hair that adheres to the digestive tract as hairballs. This way catnip takes care of the gut health of the cats as well. To promote health benefits, we at Waggfluence have a collection of catnip toys to help you choose from. Let us have a look at a few of them to help you pick the one you think your kitty will like best.

Waggfluence cat nip ball set- These ball set is self-adhesive and can adhere to places like walls, doors, windows etc. Place it where you think your cat can spot it effortlessly and be attracted to lick it. In addition to giving gastrointestinal health when consumed, it is also a supplement to Vitamin C. It helps regulate the cat’s mood and become excited in contrast to its usual sullen mood. The catnip is safe to use and is not addictive.

Waggfluence Avocado edible catnip wall ball- The catnip balls inside the pseudo avocado fruit is attractive enough to gain your kitty’s attention. These catnip balls are bionic, rotatable and add a fun element to your cat’s routine. She will love to play with it, sniff it and eat it eventually to gain maximum benefits out of the toy. Catnip contains chlorophyll which cats cannot synthesize themselves, so when cats need it they will take the initiative to eat.

Waggfluence cat and dogs grooming easy to clean brush+ cat nip ball set- This combo of cat nip sets and a cat brush is available at discounted price and is a must buy for your furry baby. Catnip helps clean the mouth of the cat, through chewing the plant fibres in the mint. Thus it helps improve oral hygiene and keeps the cat’s breath fresh smelling. Chewing it makes it go deep into the teeth to help clean up the residue.

Waggfluence cat toothbrush cat nip toy- This toy solves your problem of trying to brush your cat’s teeth as it will have a productive play time brushing its teeth. It is made of hard rubber and has an alluring texture that your cat just cannot resist. It won’t crumble regardless of how long it is chewed or clawed, giving you value for money. It is perfectly easy to maintain and a simple wash can make it ready for next use. The catnip and a playful bell tucked inside that keeps your cat’s attention for hours.

These and more cat nip sets at Waggfluence are great for the health and fun time of your cat. Browse through the product segment and get them home at attractive discounts. Let your cat meow with pleasure!

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