Cattery- The kingdom of dreams

Cattery- The kingdom of dreams

Cattery- The kingdom of dreams

We all love our little private space, be it our room or the little cubicle in the office. We tend to guard it like a hawk and cannot think of sharing it with even the closest pals. Home is where the heart is and vice-versa. Like us hoomans, our pets need their little corners too, some place they feel most ‘at home’. Why not give them a proper one, something built with just their needs in mind. At Waggfluence we have tried our bit to get your kitty an exclusive beautiful place to call home. Let’s check out one of the best pet products.

Waggfluence cat cactus tree tower house is a stylish cactus-shaped tree tower house with a color-saturated look which will surely grab the attention of your cat. Its aesthetically built design will add a unique element to your room as well, so it will be kind of an extension of your exquisite taste. The solid cactus tree house provides excellent durability and ensures safety of your pet at all times. Soft perch, cozy basket, and roomy condo offer luxurious napping spots for your pretty feline. At the bottom, the ramp works both as a ladder and scratching board. With so many advantages, your cat will love to jump, play or scratch in this tree house, without you to worry about it.

It is easy to install and fold when not in need, so that is a heads up for you. Gift this to your kitty and we are sure you will thank us for this wonderful recommendation. Always for you and with you, Waggfluence prides itself on being one of the best stores for pet products online.

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