Celebrate a pet friendly Diwali this year

Celebrate a pet friendly Diwali this year

Celebrate a pet friendly Diwali this year

Diwali is round the corner and the ambience is filled with festive air. The roads and shops are all decked bright and beautiful by colorful lights and streamers. Everywhere the streets are flooded with makeshift shops selling crackers and other Diwali décor. While fun and excitement is palpable everywhere, it is a somber time for pets, especially because of all the noise and air pollution by crackers. Being pet parents you must be worried about their health and safety. Considering this in mind, we at Waggfluence wish you all a pet friendly Diwali this and every year. Try to follow some simple but important things to keep your pet happy during Diwali.

Keep pets away from fireworks- Loud, flashy fireworks are an inherent part of Diwali celebrations but it tends to make pets nervous and anxious. They are made of substances that are toxic to animals. If possible, have a cracker free Diwali to save the anxiety that overwhelms the pets when there is so much noise and pollution. If you like bursting crackers, keep your pets away in the house and secure it as much soundproof as you can by closing all the doors and windows. Try not to keep them chained as it might terrify them more. After burning crackers, dispose off the waste properly so that the pets or strays do not get harmed by it.

Opt for eco-friendly decors- The Diwali bulbs may cause electric shock to the animals. It is best to use earthen Diya's and candles and light them in a safe distance from your pets or where the stray animals can reach. Likewise use eco-friendly Rangoli so that even if the pets ingest it, it does not cause any serious health implications. Natural colors like rice flour, leaves and petals are way safer than Rangoli colors which usually have harmful chemicals in it. For stressed and anxious pets, comfort them by sitting close to them and say soothing words to calm them.

Diwali sweets- While it is also a festive time for the pets, it is of paramount importance to keep them away from Diwali sweets. Indian sweets usually have an ingredient called xylitol which is toxic and in many cases fatal to the dogs. Be alert that the pets do not reach out for it themselves or one of the kids or guests serve it to them unknowing of the dangerous consequences. Your pet is probably running to you for treats. So make a dog friendly treat at home by making peanut butter laddoos or buying some of their favorite treats to give them a celebratory feel. You can also keep these treats handy to calm the stressed ones or to reward them for their behavior when you command them. 

Spend some time with them- Love is the answer to all stress and anxiety. During Diwali there is always a chance that you neglect your fur baby simply because you are engaged in the festivities or attending to guests. While all this is important, you should be mindful of the fact that your pet needs you all the more on this day because of the nervousness from all the lights and sound of crackers. Play with them, watch television with them, or get them a new toy to keep them excited and away from worries. Soothing or calming them with your words and gestures can work a lot towards making this day enjoyable for them too. Do not punish them on Diwali as you need to understand their anxiety and this in itself would be quite comforting to them.

Walk and exercise time- Trying to keep the pets indoors all day could trigger their anxiety levels and make them feel all the more irritated. Take them out for walks but with a difference in their usual timing. Early mornings are usually fine as there is almost no cracker bursting during these hours. Take them to their favorite park during these off- hours and let them enjoy outdoors as always. To keep up their exercise regimen, use pet toys in home confines itself, designed to keep them active and agile. Your backyard, if you have one, could be another play area for the time being.

Keep the emergency kit ready- Even after all the vigilance and alertness on your part to keep your pet safe and away from crackers and lights, there is always a chance of any negligence from you. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your emergency kit ready in case of any mishap. This kit should contain anti-burn medicines, vet approved essential medicines, basic first aid and anti- anxiety meds in case of acute need. Keeping your pet safe until the arrival of vets is important for their well-being.

Diwali is a fun time for all. Include your pet in the enjoyment and festivities keeping these tips in mind for a happy and safe Diwali. Wishing all you pet lovers and pet parents a great Diwali and a happy year ahead.

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