Fitness regime to stay fit

Fitness regime to stay fit

Fitness regime to stay fit

Unwanted weight gain is a problem that seems to be all pervading. It is not only us humans battling it, but our dear dog friend is also fighting to be fit. Researches have shown that up to 50% of the dogs in the U.S. are obese or on the borderline of becoming one. Of course, healthy nutrition plays a vital role but one cannot undermine the necessity to burn off those extra calories by following a fitness regime. Since overweight dogs are at risk for health problems, from arthritis to heart diseases, it is all the more imperative for you to see that your dog gets his dose of exercise as well. If you are thinking of interesting ways to engage your pooch in fitness activities, we have some rounded for you.

Walking- There is no exercise better than brisk walking or running. It requires no equipment, is ideal for all age groups and is known to do wonders to your blood circulation. An activity that has the combined health benefit for both you and your hound, it results in stronger heart, better stamina and immune system, denser bones and an energetic fido. Set a goal for how much you should walk him and gradually increase your speed and distance.

Swimming- Swimming is an all-in-one workout that helps exercise all parts of body, whether it is yours or your dog’s. It is especially beneficial for dogs with arthritis. Not only swimming works out various muscle groups but it also helps strength heart and lungs. Introduce this activity gradually because sometimes dogs do not like swimming. You can start with using toys as treats and encouraging them by jumping in the pool yourself too.

Fetch and Frisbee- Dogs love to play fetch. So while you throw the toys and they bound to retrieve it, it makes them more active and agile. Playing Frisbee or soccer with them also is a good sport. You can participate in competitions as well as this will make the two of you practice regularly towards achieving a desired goal.

Agility training- This training involves racing through an obstacle like ladders, tunnels and hurdles. It provides an excellent cardiovascular workout in addition to improving his coordination skills. You may look out for parks with agility course or participate in competitions to keep your dog motivated and in practice.

While you get started with the fitness routine, remember to take it slowly and make it enjoyable. Your dog should love to do it and if he is resists a particular sport, find another. Consult with your vet if it is getting strenuous for him. Chart out the activities on a weekly basis in accordance with your dog’s age and health. Remember to carry some treats to encourage him and always carry a water bottle to ensure proper hydration. For all pet supplies online, Waggfluence is with you today and always.


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