Halloween accessories for your fur baby

Halloween accessories for your fur baby

Halloween accessories for your fur baby

We know how much you and your pet enjoy getting into the spooky ambience of Halloween. While we have talked about a variety of Halloween costumes for your pet, we understand that not all of them would like to wear it for long hours. For such pets we suggest you to also be prepared for some Halloween accessories which you can make them wear after they want you to take off their Halloween costume. This way you would still be enjoying the spirit of the day without your pets feeling any kind of discomfort. So while you make your last minute shopping for Halloween costumes, we suggest you to include these accessories too in your shopping cart.

Waggfluence dog cat pet Halloween festival costume pumpkin cosplay hats- Isn’t this pumpkin hat a cute way to celebrate the spirit of Halloween? When you go trick- or- treating to your friends and neighbors or take your pet with you to a Halloween party, this hat would be perfect for them to wear. It is made of soft, comfortable, fabric which is also high quality to ensure that it is safe to use it on your fur pals. It also features an adjustable built-in chin strap to keep it securely in place and thereby ensure a perfect fit. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from.

Waggfluence cartoon dog clothes Halloween costumes dogs cat hoodies Chihuahua- This hoodie serves the dual purpose of keeping your little pal warm in this changing weather and sporting festive prints to let your dog get into the holiday spirit. These costumes are made of polyester and are both comfortable and stylish with a snug fit. Put the costume on your pet and secure it with Velcro closures to get your dog ready for Halloween parties. The small size is perfect for Chihuahuas and other small breeds. Let your cute little bundle of joy be a hit with all your friends this Halloween party.

Waggfluence Halloween pet scarf pumpkin dog bandana with bell funny dog cat triangle towel- Dress your dog up in a festive accessory like this scarf bandana for a fun filled party night. It is made of polyester for durability and is printed with a Halloween themed design. Since it is easy to put on and take off, your dog will simply love it. The scarf comes with an added feature of a bell. As you tie the scarf on your dog, the bell makes a fun noise as they move around. This further accelerates the festive jubilance. Available in a few choices of design and colors, you can choose the one you and your pet like best.

Waggfluence pet pumpkin bib collar cat dog slobber towel- This cute bib collar is a perfect purchase as it features a cartoon pumpkin design, perfect for Halloween. In addition, you can use it even after the festive day as a bib to make mealtimes a lot less messy. It will catch any food or water that your pet slobbers while eating, keeping them clean and dry. It is made of nylon and easy to put on and take off. Being machine washable it adds to its points of making it a good buy. The bib is also adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for your pet. 

Waggfluence cute lion wig for cats and dogs cosplay- Make your pet the cutest scary lion for Halloween as you get this wig on him. The full, bushy mane is just like a real lion and brags traditional colors with rough lion looks. It is pet friendly as it is made of a premium blend of cotton and polyester which is gentle on the skin and coats. It offers a form fitting comfort and is made available in sizes suitable for adult cats and small dogs. Make your pet the talk of the town as you walk it to a Halloween party dressed up in this lion wig.

All you pet parents have got to hurry up to place your Halloween costume and accessories order for your pet. We assure you of prompt delivery to match your last minute shopping orders. So if you have not yet prepared a look for your pet, try out one of these and make a memorable Halloween event to last forever!

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