Happy Cat Month!

Happy Cat Month!

Happy Cat Month!

Just watching your cat can make you happy. Truly, they are the angels with whiskers. To celebrate the love of a cat and to reciprocate the same love, the month of September is celebrated as the Happy Cat Month. It is an annual event presented by the CATalyst Council and supported by partners, the whole aim of which is to educate and inform cat parents about what they can do to make their fur friends happy and healthy. These majestic creatures that share many behaviour pattern with their jungle cousins, tiger, is just as imposing and grand. The princely charm, the magnificent gait, the cuddly friends; how could one cat be all of it and more!

The unique idea of celebrating Happy Cat Month was initiated to help spread education and awareness about the health, welfare and importance of these happy creatures. The CATalyst Council was formed after the meeting of two separate efforts, ReBranding Felix and the CATalyst Summit. The prime objective of this initiative was to focus on veterinary medicine and shelter in addition to animal welfare. Since the formation of the CATalyst Council, they have been working incessantly to project cats as affectionate beings and to encourage more people to have them as pets.

This September, let us also join hands to celebrate the love and companionship of these cuddly babies and spread awareness about the health and welfare of cats with our friends and family. If you are a cat parent, take extra time off to spend with your kitty to make them realise how much you love them and how fortunate you are to have them in your life. Every cat deserves a human companion and this month is all about that. A healthy cat is a happy cat. So if we want our cats to be happy, we have to emphasize on their health and hence plan regular visits to the vet. Cats are smart animals and they can be taught several tricks and commands which you thought were only for dogs. Teach them to sit on command, jump off stools and even jump through hoops.

Being pet lovers, how can we at Waggfluence be behind in celebrating the love and camaraderie of these absolutely adorable furry beauties? Waggfluence announces its special sale offer of 20% discount on all orders above $50. Use discount code HAPPYCAT20 to avail the offer. If you have been putting off the purchase of any pet supplies from us, now is the time to place orders. Pamper your kitty with more cat toys and comfy cat beds and hammocks at Waggfluence to celebrate this month in style. Cat essentials at Waggfluence are all made of high quality material and designed to give a luxurious feel to your fur baby. Browse through to order the ones you feel will make your kitty happy. After all they truly deserve all the happiness in the world for being such cute and lovely companions!

This Happy Cat Month let us share three lesser known facts about cats.

  • Cats are the only mammals that can’t taste sweetness.
  • A cat’s peripheral and night visions are much better than humans.
  • Cats can jump up to six times their length.

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