How to get rid of pet fur

How to get rid of pet fur

How to get rid of pet fur

Much as you love your pet, you hate having to deal with the fur they leave hanging around your house, your clothes, your car and everywhere they move. It is not practically possible to be able to deep clean your home every day. A few quick tips are going to suffice to take care of your problems. They might not be as good as deep clean and you might still have some stray fur around, but you will get rid of most of it to make your place look cleaner and more hygienic.

The area which is your pet’s favourite will have more loose fur than other places. Before vacuuming, prep the offending area with a kitchen sponge. Lightly dampen the sponge and rub the surface so as to make all the pet hair roll up into clumps and thus easily removed.

Your regular vacuuming might be a good idea but using something made of rubber will be more effective. Since rubber generates a lot of static electricity when rubbed against fabric, it is a good idea to remove pet hairs from carpets and upholstery. For this rubber gloves or rubber balloons come in most handy and effective.

For a quick touch up of your rug or carpet or a fabric lined sofa if you have one, try using a bristle brush. The brush seems to perfectly collect fur from these areas to give an almost instant cleanliness to your space. Pets seem to shed furs most after their outdoor romp. So before they roll on your rug to shed them, keep a doggie towel or brush near your door to remove loosened furs even before they enter. This way half of your problem will be taken care of.

Some simple cleaning agents like a pet fur removal spray make it easier to remove fur from fabric. If you don’t have one, you can make it by using a mix of water and fabric softener. This when sprayed and wiped off from a fabric surface cleans it up almost immediately and quite effectively. A pumice stone when scraped along the surface of carpet also helps remove fur easily.

At Waggfluence, we care not only about your pet but also about you who does this amazing job of being a doting pet parent. For all your pet supplies online we are eager to help. Let us make this journey of yours as a pet parent easier and happier.

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