How to make your dog happy

How to make your dog happy

How to make your dog happy

Christmas and New Year is all about giving and gifting. What better gift than to make someone happy and love them no end? When it comes to your darling pooch, making them happy is the best gift you can give them. Dogs are known for their selfless behaviour and wanting you more than anything else for a happy evening. This festive season, Waggfluence is here to suggest you ways to make your dog happy. Isn’t happiness contagious? When you see a gleeful and excited fur baby, you seem to forget all worries and leave behind any stress to play and be with them. Making your dog happy is also being happy yourself in turn. So let us see how we can do it in order to have a great time with our fur babies.

Verbal and physical praise - Who doesn’t like being praised by people around you? Praise does wonders to boost one’s self-esteem and works to build confidence that is great for a healthy mental growth. Like humans, animals too love being praised and acknowledged for their efforts. When your dog does something nice, follows your commands or learns a new trick, be quick and generous to praise them. This keeps them motivated to do things right and gives them a purpose to follow. Praises should come both in as many words as well as in hugs and cuddles. Nothing can make your canine happier than when you appreciate them. Your support and love goes a long way in making them feel safe, comfortable and happy.

Toys, toys and more toys- Your four legged baby can never have enough toys. They love variety, novelty, and excitement when it comes to toys. Interactive toys stimulate their mind and help to train them more effectively. You need not buy a lot of toys for them. Just remember to give them a rotation so as to not let your pooch feel bored by any of them. Waggfluence has a variety of dog toys that have great reviews from the pet parents who bought them for their fur babies. These keep them active and agile and work both for giving them their much needed share of physical and mental exercise. This Christmas make your Fido happy by getting them a fun toy from a trusted platform.

A walk in the neighbourhood- It is no secret that dogs love to venture out and explore the neighbourhood. A walk should be on their daily routine with you or your family member to make your dog feel loved. Not only it gives them their share of exercise to keep their weight in check, but it also works wonders to develop a bond between the two of you. Waggfluence has great dog leashes that are comfortable on their collar and are also hands free to keep you happy. Leash your dog up and ensure their safety as you set out on a walk with your fur pal. It would be a good idea to keep changing trails and paths every few days to give your dog a novelty in exploring the areas during their walk time.

Tricks and treats- A fixed pattern of meals can become boring for your fur friend after some time. Excite them with a treat that is both healthy and tasty, as a reward or as a break from their regular food. Dogs love dog treats whether they are their favourite cookies or peanut butter cakes and sweets. Other than treats, teach them new tricks to keep them active and entertained. Dogs love to learn tricks especially when you make an effort to teach them with love and encouragement. Tricks and treats are not just for Halloween, you know that now, right?

Stick to a routine- Following a pattern of the diurnal activities is important to teach your fur friend some discipline and routine in life. Stick to a particular meal and play schedule as much as you can. In a few days you will notice your dog pick up their timings and moving to their feeding bowl during meal time or waiting enthusiastically by the door when it is their walk or play time. This routine teaches them to be patient and not to bother you unnecessarily during your own work schedules. Making a few positive changes for your dog day-to-day is one thing. But ensure not to overhaul their entire routine as it can make them cranky and anxious. Dogs are creatures of habit and need the security and reliability of a structured life. Allocate certain hours to specific tasks and we are sure your dog would slip easily into a routine and love you for it.

The mental health of pets is just as important as their physical well- being. Ignoring that could result in dogs being depressed and exhibiting anxiety symptoms which of course no pet parent would like. That is why it is important to take the happiness quotient of pets quite seriously. Waggfluence wants all pets to be happy and all pet parents to be happier. Dedicating some time to follow these simple rules in life will go a long way in making life easier and better. After all, dogs are our link to paradise!

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