How to make your pooch feel special

How to make your pooch feel special

How to make your pooch feel special

Your furry friend has brought so much fun and happiness in your life. You want to leave no stone unturned to make him feel just about the same. It is just an expression of love to show how much he means to you. At Waggfluence we understand that you wish to spoil him with all pet supplies best and most comfortable. After all, the love of your life deserves nothing short of the most exclusive and the extraordinary. Let’s explore a few dog care products to make him live life king size!

Waggfluence cute colorful plush beds are so stylish and comfy that it will appeal to your eyes on the first glance. Easy to wash and maintain cotton material gives your pet a real relaxing time while on it. A good restful sleep makes a happier and energetic morning puppy. Make him feel special as he snuggles on it for a cozy nap-time.

Good dog brownie bites are scrumptious bites for your four legged baby with just the ingredients that are right for his consumption. So the next time you feel guilty about having a treat and not sharing it with him for fear of pet non-digestible ingredients, remember to carry these in your bag. Use them as rewards too when your poodle deserves a pat.

Waggfluence doggo stress relieving snuffle mat is an ideal playmate as well as an exercise routine for your little one. Bright and colourful, it is designed to relieve stress as it stimulates the dog’s mind by making them lick, sniff and search for treats that you have hidden in there. It is machine washable, so that’s a stress reliever for you too.

Apart from these there are many more dog stuff designed and on display to lure both you and your poodle. Browse through to get what you have always had on your mind to pamper your doggie with. Happy poodle, happy you, happy us!

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