How to measure your dog for clothes

How to measure your dog for clothes

How to measure your dog for clothes

Like most dog parents, you look forward to dressing your dog in adorable apparel. Whether it is just to make him look cute or to protect him from the cold during winter months, you get him clothes at some point. Just like in humans, a well fitted garment enhances the personality of the wearer. A loose fitted one looks clumsy and a tight one is uncomfortable. Choosing the right size is the first step to buying apparel for your fluffy. Let us help you measure the right size to help your fur pal look pawsitively perfect.

You will need a soft measuring tape to measure your dog. If you don’t have one, use a ribbon or soft string and then set it against a ruler or rigid measuring tape to get the precise number. Try to do it when your dog is calm, otherwise keep some treats handy to reward them for sitting still. To begin with, you should know that there are three key areas to measure when fitting your dog for garments.

  • Measure your dog’s neck-This is the most important one as the fitting of clothes depends a lot if the neck size is taken properly. To measure it, gently wrap your soft tape around the very base of the neck, right above where the neck meets their shoulders. Determine the circumference taking care to ensure that you can slip two fingers underneath the measuring tape. This will be perfect as anything tighter than this will be uncomfortable whereas anything too loose will look inept.
  • Measure your dog’s chest-The chest girth measures the widest part of your dog’s body, including their rib cage. When fitting your fur pal for apparel, if it does not go past your dog’s chest then there is no chance of a good fit. So measure when your dog is still. Wrap the measuring tape behind your dog’s armpit underneath their body; then wrap it around the rib cage and over your dog’s shoulder blades. Take care to remember that this measurement wraps around the widest part of their chest. Again apply the rule to leave enough room for two fingers to slide underneath easily for a comfortable fit.
  • Measure your dog’s length-This is the final measurement you need if you are set to order a garment for your Fido. Measuring this is straightforward and probable the easiest. To measure the length of your dog, stretch the tape in a straight line from the base of the tail to the small indent between your dog’s shoulders blades where the neck and shoulders connect. This should best be taken while your dog is standing. The back of the garment should sit one to three inches above the tail so that they can freely wag their tails without the garment coming in between. This is the general rule, although some dresses or jackets may extend lower.

Some tips to bear in mind

While ordering for a size according to the measurements taken, if your dog is in between sizes, always size up.

If the clothing looks like it is falling off or is super baggy, it is not functional for your dog. It should not be too tight either and check this by fitting two fingers underneath the neckline of the garment.

The arm or leg holes should also not be too tight to facilitate easy and unhindered movement of your fur baby.

 Now that you are ready to shop for your canine, Waggfluence advises you to go for clothing made of high quality material so as to be soothing and comfortable on their skin. Check out sweet and stylish warm jackets and sweaters for pets at Waggfluence which are designed to suit the needs of your dog just perfectly. Let the supply of cuddles and kisses from your little one be endless and let the cuteness of your dog be overloaded as it flaunts its dapper appearance in the clothing bought by you.

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