Importance of water in your dog’s nutrition

Importance of water in your dog’s nutrition

Importance of water in your dog’s nutrition

We all know it is very important for our canines to stay hydrated for a healthy digestive system, healthy skin and hair and healthy oral health. But do we know that it is as important as or even more important than the food nutrients they consume. When we talk about the calorie intake that is ideal for them, we should also lay emphasis on the right amount of water required in their daily dosage. A healthy balance of the right nutrients and water content goes on to define a healthy growth of our four legged friend.

How much water is adequate?

Water makes up around 80% of their being and hence it is the primary component for all healthy calls. Keeping our pooch well hydrated is essential so that they can function at the top of their ability at all times. According to sources, dogs need about one ounce of water for every pound they weigh. So if your pooch weighs fifty pounds, he will need at least fifty ounces of water on a daily basis. Increase the amount if the weather is hot as the Fido tends to lose moisture through more intense panting and sweating.

Why water is so important?

Dogs cannot replenish their water reserves as quickly as we can. Dehydration is one of the worst things a dog can experience. In order to make their body better equipped to function at the top of their ability, it is important to keep them well hydrated in all seasons. Just to compare, humans can go without food for up to three weeks but only a week without water; whereas canines can go only up to a week without food and about three days without water. This is because their body mass is much lower than humans and hence less conservation of energy is possible. That is why it makes more sense to care about the proper hydration in our dog’s diet.

Signs and symptoms of dehydration in dogs

There are times when dog parents forget to fill up the bowls of their fur baby. If you are the forgetful type, watch out for some signs that your dog is dehydrated. This is all the more necessary in summer times. When a dog is dehydrated, their eyes can be a telltale sign. They might appear a little sunken in and tears stop forming in the corner of their eyes. Their nostrils which are always moist can get dry. Their gums appear dry, gummy or pale in color. To confirm that your dog is dehydrated, you can pick up a fold of loose skin over the shoulder blades to check. If it bounces right back into place, then dehydration is likely not occurring. If the skin stays up for a few seconds and takes longer to bounce back, then it is a matter of concern. Dehydration also replenishes dogs of their energy. Look out for abnormal lethargy and loss of appetite to confirm dehydration setting in.

Importance of water

  • Dogs need water to help maintain their body temperature. Their primary way to do this is to pant their tongue to remove heat from their body, thereby losing water content from their body. They therefore need water to replenish the loss.
  • Like human body, blood carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, thus feeding cells from a dog’s nose to its tail. Water is a major component of blood and it is water that moves nutrients into and out of cells for proper nutrition to every organ and muscle.
  • Water helps remove waste in the form of urination and bowel movements. Consumption of less water may make waste elimination an effort and result in constipated bowels.
  • Water aids in the secretion of enzymes and acids necessary to complete the digestive process. It also helps in the absorption of nutrients by the body.


Now that we know the importance of water in our canine’s daily diet, it is our responsibility to ensure that clean and fresh water be available to them at all times. Here’s to happy drinking!

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