Is your dog reluctant to exercise?

Is your dog reluctant to exercise?

Is your dog reluctant to exercise?

We all know how important it is for dogs to have their share of exercise for a healthy mind and body. Just like in humans, exercise keeps them fit and active. It also helps them ward off diseases or delay their onset like Arthritis, diabetes, obesity and other kidney and liver related ailments. As aware pet parents you try to do your bit by taking them out on walks or trying to play with them in a park or in your backyard. But is your dog reluctant to go along. Do you have to literally drag him on the pavement to finish their walk? Does he seem disinterested in the games you wish to play with him? If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Several pet parents complain of their dog’s lethargic attitude towards almost everything that seems to excite other dogs. If this is so, let us explore the possibilities of reasons behind it and how to address those problems.

Pain in limbs- Sometimes there is an early onset of arthritis in dogs, especially if they are obese or belong to certain breeds where this is more common. In such cases, movement becomes a thing of pain for them. They move only short distances and do not want to run or play or jump about for fear of trigging the pain. Even after your repeated efforts to make walking fun, they seem lazy to even get up and follow you. If you see that your dog is licking his feet more often and prefers to sit all day long, chances are it is osteoporosis or arthritis. You should consult your vet to rule out chances of any disease or put your dog on medication if the problem really exists.

Bored of same pattern- Day after day taking the same route to walk and doing the same things may bore your dog. Going on walks become more a thing of duty for them rather than looking forward to it with excitement. If you feel that the spark of going out is missing in your dog and he follows your command to go out with you with a sense of resignedness, chances are he is bored of it. To make their walk hours more exciting, try going on a new trail every once in a while. Let them take their time sniffing around and taking to the new environment. Try to carry some toys with you and play with them to interest them more in their outdoor sojourns.

Tugging on the leash more often- Every dog has its way and yours is no exception. May be your dog likes to take it slow and soak in the surroundings with their sense of smell before moving on to the next road. If you lose your patience and try to tug on the leash frequently asking him to move, your dog may not like it. It may gradually result in their total disinterest in going out on walks completely. Try to understand them and let them have their way too when on walks. If they want to stop by a fellow dog, do not tug at its leash but stay for a while till your dog wants to move on. Getting a familiar touch of the locales with their sense of smell is very important to them. Trying to master them with your wish may turn them hostile.

Bonding with your dog- While you may be doing everything to bond well with your pooch, may be the dog has its reasons to be closer to other family members or fellow pets at your home. This could be a reason for them not showing eagerness to go walking or playing with you. Find some time to play with them at home and understand them better. Pause to see what interests them and how you could make him enjoy the outdoors with you. If they seem to like toys, get them a few new ones. If they seek adventure, tunnel games could be your bet. Test and try to gain their trust and you will eventually enjoy the companionship of each other.

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