Save your furniture from your cat

Save your furniture from your cat

Save your furniture from your cat

When you have a cat at home, you must be well aware of how much it loves to scratch and stretch almost everywhere. No matter how much you love your kitty, seeing scratches on your favorite furniture leaves you fuming in anger and disgust. You cannot possibly replace or polish your furniture every now and then. Then there is torn upholstery or furniture fabric because somehow your cat derives a lot of pleasure scratching those. If you are desperately looking for a way you can stop your cat from damaging your belongings, we have you covered. Waggfluence knows the behavior of cats in general and that is why it has come up with amazing hacks to divert your cat’s scratching instinct to a designated spot. Let us see.

Waggfluence cat scratching sofa protector- If your cat has a special affinity for a particular furniture piece in your house when it comes to scratching it, cover it up by this sofa protector. Roll it up vertically or horizontally making it perfect for different table legs. This product uses three styles of sisal mat/ straw mat to be fixed on chair legs, table legs and other places to keep your furniture protected and looking new. The material also helps protect cat’s claws from harm.  

Waggfluence wall mounted cat scratcher- Mount this cat scratcher on any wall in your home to keep your cat entertained for hours just scratching and scraping its surface with its claws. It is perfect for cats of all ages. The material is perfect for your cat to scratch without harming its claws as it is made of natural wood and woven sisal. The scratcher is versatile and can be used on the floor or any other surface if you are not keen on mounting it on your wall. Its rubber feet prevents slipping, so using it on the floor provides the much needed stability as the cat scratches it.

Waggfluence cat scratching ball- Cats, by nature are lazy creatures and need something really stimulating to make them give up resting and feel eager to explore it. This toy provides all of it and more, so much so that your cat will play with it for a good amount of time. The cat scratching ball comes with a woven sisal rope wrapped around a sturdy sphere with a wooden stand. This scratcher is ideal for grinding cats’ claws and teeth and provides plenty of surface area to the kitty to dig her claws in. Help your cat relieve its boredom by bringing this exciting toy which doubles up as a great exercise and interactive piece.

Waggfluence cat scratching board- Give this to your cat to appease its craving to scratch things. The product is made of corrugated board, so there is no need for you to worry about hurting your cat’s claws. The board is lightweight and durable which makes it even more worth buying. The honeycomb wave design makes it easier to roll and play on it.

Isn’t it great to engage your cat satiating its scratching urge on these and more scratching toys for cats available on Waggfluence instead of ruining your furniture with its nails and paws? You cannot stop your cat from following its natural instincts, but you sure can act smartly and use these hacks to protect your home stuff. Browse through Waggfluence to find more pet supplies that match your needs. Till then, happy pet parenting!


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