Signs of arthritis in dogs

Signs of arthritis in dogs

Signs of arthritis in dogs

Much as we would like to think of our dogs as kids, the truth is they age much more rapidly than humans. Just like us, they are prone to ailments in their senior age, arthritis being one of the most common ones. Some larger breeds are genetically prone to it, so they remain more susceptible to fall prey to osteoarthritis. Arthritis in dogs causes changes to the affected joints that can be very painful for your pet and incredibly discomfort for you to see him struggle every day with it.

Arthritis may affect any joints but it is most commonly found in the hips, shoulders, elbows and knee. Some common symptoms that you may notice are your dog’s reluctance to run and play and/or climb stairs. Since this is a change in his normal pattern, you should get alert about it. Depending on the joints affected your dog may begin to limp or favor one leg over the other. They may begin to walk stiffly and your once energetic pup seems to grow into a tired lazy one. Sometimes inflammation in the joints may cause the affected areas to be sensitive to touch and your dog may yelp in pain if you happen to touch that sore spot. The pain is exhausting and may even lead to loss in appetite.

If you happen to notice one or several of these signs, it is time to consult your vet who may provide medicines for the same. If the arthritis is very painful for him, the vet may advise use of pain killers too. To avoid or delay arthritis in dogs, it is necessary for you to be well prepared much before he hits the bracket of senior age. Some exercises help keep bones and muscles strong and delays the onset of any ailments. You can talk to your vet about doga which is yoga for dogs to keep them fit and agile. Swimming is another great exercise which you could encourage your dog to start at a very early age. For dog exercise you may get him Waggfluence kong jumbler ball dog toy or Waggfluence Snuffle mats to keep him active.

Like humans, diet plays an important role in maintaining health and fitness. Give your dog the right amount of nutrition in his diet and a well-balanced meal. Cut back on treats if they contain more fat than your dog should consume. Above everything else it is important to maintain his weight as obesity is a common factor for arthritis in dogs. Consult your vet for a diet chart early on so that your dog maintains his weight in all stages of life. Waggfluence dog food is packed with nutrients and low on fat to be just right for your fur baby.

With few things to keep in mind, we are sure you can save your dog from any ailments or issues. Trust us for the best pet supplies and pet food online.


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