Solo traveller with pet must haves- The temperature monitor in car

Solo traveller with pet must haves- The temperature monitor in car

Solo traveller with pet must haves- The temperature monitor in car

With the pandemic nearing an end, there has been a sudden upsurge in people taking a vacation. It is must needed and well deserved for all of us as we literally stopped venturing outside unless urgently required. While there have been family or couple vacationing, single people who have pets are also taking tours to dispel the monotony that had set in during the pandemic period. Pet parents usually love road trips more because all airlines are not pet friendly and travelling could become a thing to plan meticulously. Road trips are more comfortable and enjoyable as the pets seem to find the journey more pleasurable than the destination.

As responsible pet parents you prepare yourself with all the pet essentials according to the number of days you plan to stay out. But have you ever given a thought about the time you would have to leave your pet in the car, unattended, when you take a bathroom break or a meal break? If the weather is warm, the car temperature rises to a level that the pets find difficult to withstand. If you have to leave them alone in the car, even for a brief period, the pets could reel under the effects of the hotness and suffer from heatstroke or other complications.


To make your travel easier and stress free with your pet, Waggfluence presents you Waggle RV & car temperature monitor for pets. Now you can be rest assured about the safety parameters you need to follow concerning vehicle temperature as this device takes care of it all. You will get alerts if the condition in your vehicle reaches unsafe levels. It might be surprising for you to know that even on a moderately warm day, the temperature in vehicles can soon reach over optimum levels fit for your pets. So while you would be unaware about dangerously high temperature otherwise, the temperature monitor caters well to your need.

The temperature monitor is a small device that can be easily installed onto the inside of your vehicle. When the temperature becomes unsafe for the pets, the tracking device sends alerts via text, email or both. The temperature inside a car can escalate nearly 20 degrees F in just 10 minutes and almost 30 degrees F in 20 minutes. This translates into the dangerous fact that your car could reach sweltering temperature in less than half an hour. That is why we at Waggfluence advertise and advise all pet parents to get this monitor when on a road trip to dissipate all such worrisome situations. The least you can do is be aware of circumstances no longer safe for your fur friend.

The device works in a very simple manner. Connect and sync it with the Waggle companion app on your smartphone. Within the app, you will have access to a number of settings. You can choose at which temperature or humidity levels you want to be alerted and the frequency at which you wish to be notified in case the temperature crosses the desired level. Other than these alerts, you also get notified when the device’s battery is running low, when your vehicle has lost power and the Waggle device is running on battery, when the humidity level is outside your set range and many more such features.

Waggfluence promotes the usage of this temperature monitor because of its various features. It is a small, unobtrusive device, lightweight and easy to fit seamlessly into any vehicle without issue. You have the additional option of adding other family members to the alert list, so that if you fail to respond to the alert by any means, there will be others to take action when necessary. The device has a built-in RVing network you can use to share and discover new tips and popular destinations. The Waggle app is also armed with a built-in online vet chat feature which will come handy to you in case you need an advice. Make your travel with pets more fun and with a much needed peace of mind as you install this temperature monitor. Enjoy your rides and let the fur friend bask in the happiness of getting those precious hours with you!

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