Teething in puppies- Know all about it

Teething in puppies- Know all about it

Teething in puppies- Know all about it

If you are a parent, you must have gone through the stages of teething in your baby, the falling of deciduous teeth and the eruption of permanent ones. Just like that, your pup undergoes the same process. The difference is in the number of teeth and the age of eruption and falling out of teeth. Dogs have 28 deciduous teeth and end up with 42 permanent ones. It is normal for some bleeding to occur when the teeth fall out or are at the verge of falling out. You might find deciduous teeth on the floor, but more likely, your puppy may harmlessly swallow the teeth while it is eating. To know more about teething in pups and details related to it, let us find out things in detail.

Age of teething in pups

At around the age of three weeks, puppies start teething. By approximately 6 weeks, all of their deciduous teeth will have erupted. First erupts the incisors, just like in human babies, followed by the premolars. Dogs do not have any baby molars. At around 12 weeks, the deciduous teeth gradually begin to fall out. This is the time when permanent teeth begin to burst forth the gums. By the age of six months, most puppies have their set of permanent teeth with all the deciduous ones fallen. In some rare cases, some smaller breeds have a tendency to retain some of their deciduous teeth which can cause misaligned teeth leading to poor bite and discomfort. That is why vets use a simple procedure to remove retained deciduous teeth, if any.

Chew toys for pups

During the teething process, the irritation in gums due to eruption of teeth causes pups to chew anything they get their teeth on. Pups bite on furniture, sticks or balls to ease their teething process. There is a risk of these things causing gastrointestinal blockages or intestinal punctures which can become life threatening in extreme cases. To avoid suck unpleasant situations, it is better to provide the pups with appropriate chew toys. Waggfluence presents Waggfluence pet popular toys dog chew toy for aggressive chewers to engage your pup in a constructive manner. Also try Waggfluence pet squeaky plush chew toys for teeth clean as it has amazing reviews from pet parents. These chew toys not only soothe their teething gums but also help to clean the food remainders between the teeth and helps to give them dental care too. Made of quality material, they are safe and hygienic to use. Because of their durability you can let your pups use these toys for long periods of time. Just wash it after every use and it is good to be used the next day. In general, it is advised not to let your pup chew anything that does not bend.

How to discourage your puppy chewing on unwanted things

Inspite of making available some chew toys, some puppies still like to chew on unwanted things. They may even chew on your hands or other body parts while you are playing with them. To discourage such behavior, do not leave tempting items like clothes, shoes or children’s toys within their reach. If your puppy chews on your hands, yelp a high pitched shriek to tell them you condemn this behavior of theirs. Move out of the room so that they remember that biting is associated with your pain and hence playing stops for them. Excessive chewing seems to subside around 18 months of age but continues to some degree as chewing, licking and mouthing are normal activities of dogs. If aggressive chewing continues even after this age, you might consult your vet for advice.

Tooth care begins early

When talking about teething process in dogs, we at Waggfluence wish to add that it is best to introduce your puppy to dental care as early as possible. With the eruption of permanent teeth, introduce dog toothbrush to them. It should become a habit that they think of as a regular feature. Starting to brush late might have them refusing to let their teeth being brushed and you would have little control over it. Since dental problems are one of the most common issues in dog health, it is wise to address them early on and not wait for any disease to set in. Try using Waggfluence dog cat soft pet finger brush for beginners. Graduate to Waggfluence toothbrush for dogs for adult dogs. Many dogs can be taught to tolerate or even enjoy daily teeth brushing.

For new pup parents, we hope this provides you a guide to the dental details of your little fur baby. For any queries, write to us and we shall be happy to help. Our constant effort and endeavor is to make the name Waggfluence synonymous with pet care and pet love. Trust us and love us!

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