Tooth care of your pet

Tooth care of your pet

Tooth care of your pet

As in humans, proper tooth care is vital for your pets too. Since pets are reluctant to have their teeth brushed daily, you as pet parents have to design alternative ways to keep them clean and hygienic. Proper oral hygiene ensures fresh breath and clean mouth. This also helps in no oral bacteria entering the gut with food. Smelly mouth or improper oral care leads to tooth decay or even tooth loss at an early age or painful tooth and thus loss of appetite, and also poor gut health. Waggfluence brings to you some tooth care products which you should get for your canine for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Let us have a look at a few of them so that you may place orders for them and ensure better health and longevity of your pet.

Waggfluence toothbrush for dogs- When choosing a dog toothbrush, you should ensure that the material is soft and comfortable on your dog’s gums and that it is made of high quality plastic. Waggfluence toothbrush for dogs is gentle on your dog’s gums, so they will not resist using it. It is made of environment friendly food grade plastic which makes it safe for usage. It is also bite resistant, so it will last long. Available in a variety of colors, it will surely catch the attention of your dear pup.

Waggfluence cat toothbrush catnip toy – If you have been struggling to get your cat to sit still to brush their teeth, your worry ends here. This catnip toy toothbrush serves both as a toy that doubles up as a tooth cleaner. The hard rubber has an alluring texture that won’t crumble when chewed or clawed and is non-toxic in nature. The catnip tucked inside will keep your kitty addicted to it and you can always replace it with a new batch when required. The toy is washable, so it is hygienic to use day after day. The playful bell popped inside the toy keeps your cat’s attention for hours.

Waggfluence Dog chewing rubber ball squeaky tooth toy - This squeaky rubber ball available in colorful shades will surely attract your dog towards it. Playing with it and chewing it will come naturally to every pup. Designed in a way to clean the dog’s teeth as it chews it, the ball is both a toy and a toothbrush for them. Made from high grade rubber, it is safe for pets. The squeaky ball will gradually turn out to be your dog’s favorite pastime.

Waggfluence interactive natural rubber pet tooth cleaning and treat dispenser ball- Get this rubber ball for your pooch which works effectively to improve their oral health. The extra tough rubber with strong elasticity is convenient for your dog to grind and freshen their teeth. It is soft on gums and the ball can reduce your dog’s destructive behaviour by distracting them from chewing furniture or shoes. They will love it more for the additional feature of adding food or treats into the grooves that keeps the pooch’s interest alive.

To suit the needs and requirements of pets with different mood patterns, Waggfluence presents a series of tooth care products for your pet. They are all made of high quality material and are therefore fit to be used by your pet. The combo offers are more money savers and you may avail the benefits for better purchase value. For all other pet needs, try your trusted Waggfluence for a happy shopping!


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