Top 10 RV home must haves

Top 10 RV home must haves

Top 10 RV home must haves

A road trip with your pet is like happiness paramount. What more can you ask for if you are travelling with your fur friend and camping at places, enjoying the scenic beauty before hitting the road again for the next destination. A vacation like this, even if it is a short one, is great to build memories to last forever. However, it is important to consider all safety parameters and carry all essential supplies for your pet while you take it on a trip in the RV, to ensure that you are relaxed when driving. Waggfluence encourages all pet parents to follow the safety protocols and hence has come up with top 10 RV home must haves. Enjoy your trip with unadulterated joy. You and your pet sure deserve the best.

Waggfluence pet GPS tracker for dogs and cats- While camping, your pet may want to explore the neighbourhood and there is a fear of its getting lost while at it. After all, it is all new for both you and your pet and there is no familiar scent that it can use to trace back the RV and you. This GPS tracker comes in handy at such times. Connect it via Bluetooth and its powerful functioning allows both smartphone and anti-lost device to control each other. The batteries can work for about 6 months, so there is no fear of low battery inhibiting its function when you need to trace your pet. The intelligent alarm rings when the anti-lost device exceeds the set Bluetooth range. This way you can get alert that your pet has probably wandered a little too far away for your comfort and you can bring it back.

Waggfluence bathroom washbasin drain pet hair catcher silicon- Your RV is your prized possession and you want to keep it clean and well maintained at all times. You cannot do much about your pets’ hair loosening and straying everywhere. This may clog your RV bathroom drains and give you the additional responsibility of cleaning it up. Not anymore! The drain hair catcher is easy to filter long and thin hair as well preventing clogging and reducing the risk of sewer overflow. Install it effortlessly wherever you want to stop and trap debris and grab it out of the sinks or drains to wipe or rinse with mild soap to clean.

Waggfluence foldable portable dog and cat play pen- Carry this portable, foldable and easy to carry play pen in your RV to give your pet the liberty to play while still being enclosed in a place close to you. When camping, this will come quite handy to keep your energetic pet out of trouble while you enjoy the bliss of vacationing. Now there is no need to leash your pet at all times as you gift him this play pen which is big enough for it to wander and play in it.

Waggfluence dog bed sofa elegant pet cushion dog cat kennel mat removable big dog bed lounge- This stylish and comfortable dog bed will make your furry friend feel like royalty when it lounges on it. The elegant pet cushion made of corduroy cloth with an anti-slip bottom is great to spread on a RV and give your pet its own space in comfort and style. The removable cover ensures easy cleaning while its thick and padded cushion is pet friendly and cosy.

Waggfluence washable calming bed- The hardwood floors of RV is best suited for the use of this bed which has a skid resistant bottom. This comfortable and calming bed is made of super soft plush fleece which is also shed resistant and long lasting. Spread it out on your RV and keep them safe and relaxed while they sleep in your moving recreational vehicle.

Waggle pet camera and treat tosser- While on a road trip you may want to leave behind your pet in the RV to hang out with new found friends in a pub or bar. To monitor your pet closely even in your absence and to give him treats for being so well behaved, install this pet camera in your RV. It has a 4X digital zoom with 120 degree view and a night vision up to 5 meters. You can talk real time to him and ask him to be near the camera as you toss the treats from the tosser in the camera using the mobile app.

Waggfluence portable powerful wireless vacuum cleaner for pet hair cleaning & RV life, RV must have- A powerful and portable vacuum cleaner is a must in your RV that can handle all your cleaning needs. Travelling with your pet means more pet hair, dirt and debris. To handle all this, get this little vacuum cleaner with its 20000 Pa of suction power which is perfect for deep cleaning all this up. The additional advantage of having this is its being lightweight and easy to carry and store in your RV. 

Waggfluence DIY pet playpen fence/enclosure for dogs- While camping out in the open, make a pen for your pet all by yourself. Shape the metal wire grids into different shapes, a low wide exercise pen, or a two storey premium villa to let your pet have fun in this fence. It is easy to put together as the illustrated instructions are quite user friendly. To achieve even more additional features like doors or ramps, you may use cable ties. Create a world for your pets by your own hands using your imagination and give them ample enclosed space to wander in. The ventilated design makes it convenient to interact with your pet from any angle, anytime. Isn’t it great to be used while on a trip and camping?

Waggfluence fashionable hands free smart design led dog leash- Among the various pet essentials you should carry while on a trip, a good leash is a must. Walking your dog in an unfamiliar territory requires close monitoring and control by you. This dog leash can auto stretch out and drawback in a retractable design so that it is convenient for you to walk it freely with one hand braking, release, and recoiling system. The ergonomic TPE anti-slip handle makes the grip softer and more comfortable for you to use. The LED front lighting on the leash makes it easy to see in the dark.

Aren’t you impressed with the list? Sure you are! Be prepared before you take the next RV trip with your pet with these essentials that are all available under a single roof for your convenience. Shop these pet supplies and avail attractive discounts applicable as of now. Build everlasting memories of love and companionship with your darling pooch.

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