Why nail care of pets so important

Why nail care of pets so important

Why nail care of pets so important

When we talk about the grooming of pets, especially cats and dogs, we have to remember that nail care is one of the most important areas. You simply cannot neglect nail care because doing that may put your pet into a lot of potential problems. Clean, trimmed nails of your pet are also a sign of good hygiene and health. Nail trimming can be an anxiety inducing procedure for many pets and they may be reluctant to let you do it. If you are not too confident of doing it yourself, taking your canine or feline to a pet groomer or a vet may be a good idea. Here we will talk about the reasons why you should not let your pets’ nails grow too long.

It may result in injury- There is quite a possibility that your pets’ overly long nails may snag on something like carpeting or furniture and tear. This then becomes very painful for the dog or cat. In addition there is also the risk of infection if the torn nail is severe enough. A simple prevention of trimming nails when not done on time could become a thing requiring veterinary care in urgency.

It could result in long term pain- Long nails of pets often make it cumbersome to walk on the hard floor. Every step when they hit the floor puts pressure on your dog’s nail bed and toe joint. This becomes very uncomfortable and even painful for your pet. Long term, it can affect the way your dog’s leg and toe joints are aligned. This makes dogs more susceptible to injuries and can make walking and running painful.

Nail care is more than cosmetic- If you think that nail care is optional and not something you need to stress about, then it is time you know that long nails not only causes pain but may cause damage to the paw when left untrimmed for long. Long nails may deform feet, injure tendons and soft tissues when left untreated for long. In some cases, it may also result in causing complications in the leg as the nails place pressure on the foot and leg of your pet.

Prevent scratching and injury- Long nailed pets may injure themselves when they scratch their skin if it is itchy. This may result in cuts and bruises on their body which would need further attention. They may accidently scratch you or your family members while playing and cuddling with them. This would again require medical attention depending on the bruise and the sharpness or your pet’s nails.

Damaging furniture and carpet- Your dog loves to sprawl on the sofa or your carpet or even on your bed. Their long nails can damage the upholstery, fabric or leather of your furniture and may cause marks on wooden furniture too. To avoid this, the only recourse available to you is keep their nails well- trimmed and groomed.

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