Worried that your dog has run away?

Worried that your dog has run away?

Worried that your dog has run away?

While in a park or open space when you unleash your dog, doesn’t he love to jump and bound off far away? Staying cramped up in an apartment gives little or no space for them to run and play. So when you take them to a large open area, the first thing they want is break loose and scamper in joy. Sometimes they go out of sight and you worry if he has got lost. Even at home if you keep your dog unleashed, you never know when they will jump off the fence and decide to explore the neighborhood. In either case, you worry about your dog running off and not remembering his way back home. At Waggfluence we reverberate with this concern of yours. That is why we bring to you pet GPS tracker for dogs and cats to help you locate your pet if they go missing.

The GPS tracker is connected via Bluetooth on your mobile device. It has a powerful functioning and it can be controlled both ways. The tracker has an intelligent alarm function. When the anti-lost device exceeds the set Bluetooth range, the mobile phone and the anti-lost device will alarm at the same time. In case when the anti-lost device is disconnected, the map location can be checked on the mobile phone. The anti-nuisance function of the device helps you to mute the alarm for a certain period of time when you do not wish to be disturbed during work and other important times. One smartphone could manage up to 4 anti-lost devices at the same time; so if you have multiple pets, managing them all comes easy to you.

The device can be encased in a colored holder and tied on your pet’s collar for best use. There are a few color options to choose from according to your taste and the color of your dog collar. To activate it, all you have to do is follow some simple steps.

  • To turn on device, touch and hold 3 seconds until hearing 2 short sound of ‘beep’. To shutdown, touch and hold for 5 seconds until hearing a long sound of ‘beep’.
  • The iSearching device can be connected by Bluetooth and linked to APP automatically when turned on. Click the refresh button to add more than one device.
  • All iSearching devices are disabled with alarm feature when ‘no disturbing’ function is turned on. When ‘No disturbing’ is off, each iSearching device can be set with alarm separately on ‘anti-loss’ tag.
  • Double-click the ‘connect’ button and change it into ‘alarm’ to activate the phone alarm. To mute the phone alarm when it rings, click the red area that appears on screen.
  • Click to ‘location’ button to view the location list and last history. For a better experience on iSearching, there are more options in ‘settings’ like setting APP passwords, selecting a map service, recording history and checking software version or any available upgrade.


Attractive in both look and function, this GPS tracker is a must for every pet parent. Let technology do the work for you and remain stress free all day long. Being a responsible pet parent was never easier. Get pet supplies from Waggfluence for a happy parenting journey!

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