10 Best Gifts To Give Your Pet For Valentine’s Day

10 Best Gifts To Give Your Pet For Valentine’s Day

10 Best Gifts To Give Your Pet For Valentine’s Day

Isn’t it super lovely when the icy winters have finally paved the way for the spring? There is a marked festivity in the air. The gloominess of dark cold days is finally replaced by happy sunny ones, clear skies above and a colorful brightness everywhere. Of course it is also the oncoming Valentine’s Day that makes the ambience a more jubilant one. When there is love in the heart, there is love everywhere.

At Waggfluence, we love to see you joyful and bubbly. We are aware that you must be on a shopping spree to get your loved ones a special Valentine gift. While we cannot be of much assistance to shop for your human friends, you can definitely count on us to suggest you the perfect gift for your four legged Valentines. Let’s get to see and shop!

  • Waggfluence Spill Proof Portable Pet Water Bowl For Cars & RV’s- We know how much your fur pal loves to travel with you. In order to keep their food and water bowl spill proof, we present you this useful product which is hard to turn over even by the most excited pets. Solves your worry of feeding them in your vehicle by protecting it from splashes and ruining your car. Available in a variety of shades, you get an option to choose from them.
  • Waggfluence Cat and Dogs Grooming Brush- This is by far one of the best grooming brushes available as it easily removes dead hair and tangles, keeping your home free of pet hairs. It is durable, sturdy and a must have pet epilator. The 100 mm stainless steel blade is protected by a protective cover to ensure your safety and blade life. It is also easy to clean and comfortable to use.
  • Waggfluence Bird Simulation Interactive Hanging Eagle Flying Toy For Cats- To help your cat from getting bored, gift her this eagle toy that hangs from the ceiling and rotates encouraging your kitty to chase it and stay active. It is made of high grade plastic and is quite easy to install. Gift this to your cat and enjoy seeing her be entertained for hours.
  • Waggfluence Dog Bed Sofa Protector- You cannot keep your pet away from sprawling on the sofa and you hate cleaning it afterwards of all the pet hair and dirt. Get this dog bed to solve your problems and place it on the favorite sofa spot of your fur pal. The raised edges provide additional comfort and give your pet the warmth and luxury of perfect relaxation. Also the surface fleece is durable and claw resistant. It is machine washable for easy care and available in a variety of colors to match your home décor.
  • Waggfluence Foldable Portable Dog & Cat Play Pen- Looking for a solution to keep your energetic pets confined to a place and not messing around the entire house while you are working? This foldable play pen is just what you need to keep them out of your way but close to you. The handy carrying bag makes it easy to carry and store it in a car trunk for outdoor usage. Use it on a picnic or home with equal ease.
  • Waggle Pet Monitor- When it comes to the safety of your pet Valentine there should be no compromises. This pet monitor is definitely a must buy as it effectively monitors temperature and humidity changes and gives real time alerts in case of any discrepancies. Armed with a lot more features of GPS tracking, digital display and rechargeable battery, it is user friendly as well. This pet monitor has averted more than 400,000 risk incidents for pets.
  • Waggfluence Dog First Aid Kit- If you love to go hiking, camping or hunting with your pet, this first aid kit is what you need to keep with you to tackle unforeseen emergencies. This 160 pieces medical case pouch is handy to carry and contains all the essentials you need in first aid.
  • Waggfluence Ball Interactive Food Dispenser Dog Toy- For fast eating pets, it is always a worry for pet parents as they fear choking of food by them. This interactive food dispenser lets your pet play with their food and enjoy their meal times. All you need is to fill it with food and then let your cat play with it. The ball will dispense the food slowly and will keep your kitty entertained for hours.
  • Waggfluence Plush Warm Dog & Cat Bed- Nothing can match the luxury of a sound sleep in a comfortable pet. Give your pet the joy of this plush warm bed that comes with an attached pet The attached hood nourishes breathable warmth and creates a sense of peace for better sleep, thus promoting better health and behavior. The bed comes with a breathable fabric and is also durable and dirt resistant.
  • Dog Chewing Rubber Ball Squeaky Cleaning Tooth Dog Chew Toy- This squeaky toy is a perfect gift for your canine this Valentine’s day. It is not only entertaining for them but also helps to keep their teeth clean by removing food particles from between teeth. Available in exciting colors, it is quite attractive to the dogs and they love to play with it.

We are sure that there is at least one of these products that you have zeroed in to get for your fur Valentine. Buy more to avail better offers. After all, you want to spoil your four legged Valentine with gifts, hugs and kisses this year. Wishing all you wonderful people a great Valentine’s day with your fur beau. May your love grow stronger and better with each day. Love and hugs from all of us here at Waggfluence!!

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