Are dogs superior beings than hoomans

Are dogs superior beings than hoomans

Are dogs superior beings than hoomans

You cannot compare one with the other, of course because of the fact that they are two separate genres who happen to be great companions. Having said that, the fact still remains that there are a number of things where dogs are so much better at than us. Sometimes, especially after spending long years in their companionship, people feel that there are a lot of things to learn from them. In a way dogs inspire us to be better version of ourselves. If you are a dog lover or a dog parent you understand what this means and how much you relate to it. Here we will talk about a few things that dogs are far superior to humans at doing.

Sense of smell- Did you know that the area of the canine brain that is devoted to analyzing scent is 40 times greater than that of the humans. This means dogs can identify smells at least 1000 times better than we can! The dog’s superior sense of smell comes from 220 million olfactory receptors in its nose as against 5 million in humans. Do you get the magnitude of difference in the sense of smell of dogs versus us? Dogs analyze the world around them using their sense of smell whether it is recognizing an individual or sensing danger when they lived in the wild.

The energy- You must have often envied the energy and enthusiasm of your dog. They love to chase, fetch balls, jump up on visitors, pull us along while on a walk and literally wolf their food down without pausing to taste. It is like they are seldom tired or weary. Living at a fast pace comes naturally to most dogs. This has been their survival strategy when they lived in the wild and had to escape from any would-be predators. Fast pace also aided them in hunting. Even though they are now domesticated, the instinct continues to be in them and they seem to be the forever energetic creatures.

Companionship- It is no secret that every dog owner feels with pride that their friendship with their pooch is extraordinary. Dogs make the best friends; they are with you and beside you in times of both happiness and distress. Their love is unconditional and so pure. It is like they mirror your emotions. When you feel ill, they prefer to spend their time around you and not be demanding for walks or playtime. When they sense that all is not well and you seem sad, they get subdued too and try to cheer you up. Many a times we have heard stories about how dogs are shattered at the demise of their owner. They are like your faithful trustworthy friend. Isn’t it hard to find a human friend with the same level of adoration and companionship?

In a world full of judgmental people, it is very refreshing and empowering to be accepted as you are. Your dog does not care how much money you make or whether you have a swanky car or a great house. All he seeks is your attention and reciprocates in full earnest. It is this unadulterated love that tops the chart in making them far superior to humans; don’t you think so?


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