Cat litter basic products for every cat home

Cat litter basic products for every cat home

Cat litter basic products for every cat home

When you have a kitty at home, all you want is to hug it all day long. Aren’t they cuteness personified? Well, we love the adoration you feel for the lovely little balls of joy. But with all this comes the dirty work of tending to their litter cleaning as well. With Waggfluence by your side, litter cleaning is a breeze with no more dirty work involved in the process. If you are wondering how that could be, let us take you to a journey of products displayed on our website making your job of happy pet parenting even more rewarding. These products are all tried and tested and have garnered great reviews from pet parents across the globe. Let us have a look at a few of them.

Waggfluence 7L capacity intelligent pet cat litter box automatic self cleaning Wifi- If you have multiple cats and are tired of cleaning after them, you need to get this smart automatic cleaning litter box. With a capacity of 7 L, it is perfect for multiple usages. The smart litter box is made of plastic and it is designed to clean itself automatically after your cat uses it. Its totally closed system ensures maximum hygiene, so you don’t have to worry about the stench or paw marks of litter on your floors. Use it to see the difference.

Waggfluence cat litter box closed house fully enclosed splash proof with free plastic scooper- Change the quality of your life and that of your feline by introducing it to this cat litter box closed house. Made of high quality plastic, it is splash proof and hence very easy and hygienic to use and get cleaned. It comes with free plastic scooper to clean the litter. There is a plastic mat to be kept outside the litter box which cleans the paws of the cat after it comes out of the box. The mat and the plastic scooper can easily be washed and cleaned under the tap.

Waggfluence high end luxury automatic silent cat litter box, large space, smart cat toilet application control- As the name suggests, this is a top of a line, luxury cat litter box. The automatic operation which is application controlled makes it easy for pet parents. The large space of the litter box makes it perfect for your furry friend. It is completely silent, so you do not have to worry about disturbing your pet while they are using it. Order this luxury litter box for your feline love to show that you won’t compromise on anything when it comes to your darling kitty.

Waggfluence must have waterproof cat litter mat double layer for trapping pet litter- Are you tired of sweeping up cat litter every day? Cleaning up after your kitty is no fun. Even after that you have to worry about messy floors or cleaning not very hygienically done. To address to these problems, Waggfluence brings you this waterproof cat litter double layer mat that traps litter from your cat’s paws and litter box. The added advantage is that it is easy to clean too. All you need to do is pour out the litter via the opening pocket and it is done. The exquisite quilted edge, thick bottom and compact workmanship ensures a durable quality and effective usage.

Waggfluence portable travel litter box for cats and dogs- Travelling with your cat is always great as the enjoyment of having your loved one by your side doubles up your joy. With all essentials you need to carry with you on your outdoor trips, do not forget this portable litter box so that you can keep the environment clean. This litter box is foldable and waterproof and very easy to be carried on any trips or camps. It is totally leakage proof as it comes with a firm material and durable Oxford cloth. Easy to clean and no messy vehicle anymore, this one is a must have for all those who love to travel with their kitty.

These smart litter boxes are all designed to suit the needs of elite and exclusive pet parents who want nothing but the best for their cat. Browse through their description and reviews to ward off doubts, if any. Waggfluence brings you the best because we know your precious pet deserves nothing less. For any queries feel free to contact us. We value the trust you show in us and assure you of always standing true to our claims. Try us to believe us!

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