Dental care of dogs

Dental care of dogs

Dental care of dogs

The importance of health cannot be minimized and dental care forms an integral part of it. Just as with humans, canine dental problems can be a reason for severe infections and diseases of vital organs such as heart, kidney and liver. So it is not just about bad breath and yellowing teeth; it’s about the overall health and hygiene of your pooch that requires you to take dental care seriously. Tartar and plaque buildup is very common in dogs. The severity increases if it leads to gingivitis and gum swelling which will lead to difficulty in eating and a hoard of other reasons to worry. The good news is it is never too late and if you hadn’t given much thought to it earlier, now is the best time to start.

Cleaning the teeth of your dog is the first step you need to consider. It is usually a good idea to use canine toothbrush ever since the pup stage, but if you haven’t it is time to start gradually. To let your dog get used to the idea of brushing, you can start by gently opening his mouth and feeling his teeth and gums. Then use a pit of toothpaste and brush with your fingers to let him adjust to the concept. Finally graduate to using a canine toothbrush and go proper cleaning to remove tartar and food particles in there.

There are a lot of pet parents complaining that no matter how hard they tried, their dog could never get to accept the idea of brushing their teeth. Under such circumstances, try giving them dry food as soft food is more likely to stick to the teeth and cause decay. Fruitables pumpkin and cranberry mix dog treats or castor and pollux rawhide prtz come as great options. Several chew toys are also good to help clean your dog’s teeth naturally. While your dog thinks of it as playtime, it actually doubles up as cleaning time as well. Waggfluence interactive natural rubber pet tooth cleaning and treat dispenser ball and Waggfluence tough dog bone shaped chew toy make smart buy options. These also help strength the gums to ensure better dental hygiene.

A full, deep clean at a vet’s is also recommended at regular intervals where they scale tartar and plaque while also cleaning the gum line and polishing the tooth. Ask your vet to examine their teeth every time you visit them. Proper maintenance can go a long way in keeping your dog happy and trouble free while keeping your wallet secured as dental issues can bring a dent to your budget. At Waggfluence we love the smiling duo- you and your pooch. Let the dental hygiene ensure it more!

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