Dog collars- the glam gear

Dog collars- the glam gear

Dog collars- the glam gear

The way you accessories your dog says a lot about your style and his personality. Just as leashes and its type matters much, so do dog collars and their variety. As pet parents you need to make your choice of collars for them wisely especially if they are young. Pups do love to yank themselves and will be liable to harm if the collar if tough as they know little about the effects of it. Similarly strong breeds like pitbull are powerful and the wrong collar can fail to restrain them properly. Waggfluence understands that choosing the right collar can be a challenge especially if your fur baby has sensitive skin. We have a few that could be the right choice.

  • Waggfluence military tactical dog collar- Like the name suggests, this is a heavy-duty dog collar and is excellent for dog training, patrolling, hiking, working and hunting. It is suitable for large and medium size dogs and can be used without a tactical dog leash. The reinforced stitching makes it sturdy and apt for an energetic dog and it is easy to grab onto the durable handle on this collar. Since it is made of high quality nylon with a soft padded lining, it is easy on your pet’s skin too.
  • Waggfluence stainless steel luxury dog collar- The big boss should look like one and your dog will definitely carry this metal collar like one. The shiny and smooth chain is a result of high polished craftsmanship and the welded stainless steel rings add swag to its overall look. This is sturdy and water-resistant, pet-friendly and corrosion free; so you do not have to worry about its durability. Get your dog this collar and let him live life king size.
  • Waggfluence reflective American flag dog collar- Printed with American flag pattern, this dog collar is a grand idea for U.S citizens and patriots. The reflective material stitching makes the collar visible even in darkness and thus can be noticed by cars or walkers when you take him on a walk at night. Safe and comfortable because of soft inner padding, this collar is available in all sizes. Your dog is going to love this chic and stylish piece for sure.


There are a lot of leashes options at Waggfluence that will pair well with these collars. Choose the one best suited for your dog considering his size and requirements in mind. For all other pet essentials we are here to cater to your wishes. Keep buying, be happy!

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