Dress up your kitty

Dress up your kitty

Dress up your kitty

Your kitty is your little princess and she does look every bit of it. With her gleaming green eyes, her groomed fur, her poised looks and her charming catwalk, she is every inch a diva. You are proud of her and so are we. At Waggfluence we love the way you take care of your fur baby and go all out to make her feel special. That is why we have come up with a few dressing essentials for your cat to make her look even more amazing in addition to giving her the required comfort.

  • Waggfluence anti-scratch gloves for cats and dogs- Made of soft silicone material, these gloves are designed keeping in mind the gentle and tender skin of your cat. These socks will keep your kitty warm and protect them in harsh winters without hurting their feet. These will also come in handy while giving them a bath or trimming their nails as cats tend to scratch you during these times. In addition to these, it also gives a regal look; so dress her up on any special occasion.
  • Waggfluence anti-slip socks- To give a more pronounced look to the paws, these socks are a great addition to your cat grooming essentials. They can be worn easily and because of elastic polyester, it brings an adjustable opening design. Knitted and spacious, they are designed to protect their feet from cold surfaces. The attractive socks with cartoon prints on it make them a wise buy both for winter care and to give your kitty a special look.
  • Waggfluence cat and small dog harness and leash set- This vest style cat harness gives a majestic look as they cover almost half of the body part with its soft and breathable air-mesh fabric. You do not have to worry about its having pinch points as many strappy harnesses do because it is made with a smooth edge and resilient cushioning. It is also easy to put on and off your pet with its fast release buckles.

The next time you have to take your kitty out to a friends’ place or for a long walk in winters, you know how to accessorise to give a great look which is also protective and safe. Get these and more cat essentials from Waggfluence to be a comfortable pet parent.

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