Form a bond with your pet bird

Form a bond with your pet bird

Form a bond with your pet bird

The chirping sound of a bird is pure melody to the ears. When you have a bird as pet, happiness is all around you. That is why they say, “When I needed a hand, I found your wing.” Pet birds make great companions and are mostly easy to connect with. They are full of life and offer loyal friendship if raised and cared for properly. If you are wondering how to form a bond with your new pet bird, we are here to guide you with a few tricks and tips. Have a friendship to last a long time!

Your voice says it all, literally- Birds have a melodious voice and they like a similar one as well. Loud and harsh noises may scare your bird and cause them to retreat from you. Soft and calm speech is very essential to keep your bird relaxed and develop a friendly demeanour. If your voice soothes the bird, they will most likely listen intently with curiosity as you speak to it.

Create a tranquil environment- Birds get startled very easily as they are meek creatures who feel threatened at any advance. To develop a friendly ambience, try to stay calm around them and avoid any sudden motions around them. Make slower movements to make your bird feel safe and protected. If they feel scared, irritated or vulnerable, your wish to connect with your bird will be harder than otherwise

Trick with treat- It does not hurt to trick your bird with their favourite treat once in a while. Food usually has the charm to start and maintain long term bonding. Offer your bird their favourite food like fruit, vegetable or treat sticks to bribe them and earn their love. They will remember that you are the one who gives them regular treats and this will help over a period of time to make them see you as their friend. They will start thinking of you as a caregiver and look forward to your approach to their cage. At the same time do not overdo it if the treat is not healthy for your little birdie.

Socialize with your bird- If you did not know this yet, let us tell you that birds are quite smart animals. They remember interactions with humans and relate to their presence in the way you treat them. When bringing home a bird, give them sufficient time to feel comfortable around you. If they seem nervous when you come to their cage, it is best to take it slowly and not try to frighten them. Just spend a few minutes a day by their cage and speak warmly to them without making any effort to touch or startle them. In due course of time they will pick up on the positive vibes from you and start getting at ease. Before you know it, your feathered friend will love hanging out with you for long periods of time.

Play with your bird- Once the bird has warmed up to your presence, make your time together as much fun as possible. Offer them enriching activities to create a connection. For this you can give them some bird toys or play music at a low volume or sing to them to enjoy your time together. Birds respond well to music and some birds even like to dance to their favourite beats. Carry them around on your shoulder to develop a bond between the two of you. Leave their cage unlocked but make it comfortable so that the bird sees it as its habitat and goes in it after the play time is over.

Patience is the key- You have to give ample time to your bird to acclimatise itself to their new home. They need time to adjust and get used to their surroundings and people around them. Take it easy if your bird does not seem too keen to be friends with you. Hurrying could make matters worse. So have patience with them and friendship will happen gradually but surely.

Most pet birds have a long life span; so being friends with them could last a lifetime. Get pet bird supplies from Waggfluence to develop a trust with your bird, the same way you trust us. Let the small creatures be the source of immense joy in your life!


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