Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mother's day!


Being a mother is the most rewarding feeling ever. All love begins and ends with motherhood. Ask any woman and she will tell you how she has never felt prouder of herself than being promoted to the stature of being a mom. Having said that, I also feel that being a mother does not necessarily mean related by blood. It means loving someone unconditionally and with your whole heart. A pet parent will surely relate to that, right? All you pet moms, big cheers for you on this mother’s day. Your furry baby might not be able to wish you in so many words, but you sure know the warmth and love he has for you is paramount, incomparable to anything else. The love in those eyes is simply priceless. On this mother’s day a big hug to all you moms from us at Waggfluence.

 Mother’s day is a day to reminiscence the good times and happy memories of your journey as a pet mom. How much you have grown with the responsibility of nurturing your little one is something you should be proud of! Being a pet mom doesn’t always come easy but I know you will agree that it is the best decision you ever made. It is proven scientifically as well that being a pet parent cures you of anxiety and depression and makes you more positive, giving and loving. When your little baby has taught you so much and more, isn’t this the best day to thank your furry baby to have come into your life?

This mother’s day we wish all you pet moms a fabulous day and a great companionship to last. As you grow in this journey we wish to remind you that we at Waggfluence are with you at every step and every minute. Take good care of yourself, all you lovely ladies!

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