Help your dog deal with separation anxiety

Help your dog deal with separation anxiety

Help your dog deal with separation anxiety

Dogs by nature do not want to be left behind. They like their owners to be around whether or not they are interacting with them. So when they are left behind to be all by themselves, they get stressed out and have anxiety symptoms. You can identify this if they show symptoms like excessive barking when alone, chewing up things or scratching doors and windows, salivating more than usual, refusing to eat in your absence or pacing in an obsessive pattern. Since he is super attached to you, it might take a while for them to adjust to your absence. However, you can make things easy for them by following a few tips that we at Waggfluence have rounded up for you.

Make your coming and goings low-key so that your dog thinks it is not a big deal to be left behind. When you leave, give him a special treat like a toy stuffed with their favorite snack. This will not only keep them busy for hours but also help them engage in constructive exercise. Being rewarded with a snack when they snuffle and seek from the hidden areas comes as an additional bonus to them. Waggfluence doggo stress relieving snuffle mat or Waggfluence interactive natural rubber pet tooth cleaning and treat dispenser ball comes in handy for such occasions.

If it is possible, start out small by leaving your dog for small interval of time in the beginning. Let him get used to it so that it isn’t much of a shock if they are left alone for hours. See to it that they are comfortable in your absence by placing their food and water bowls where they expect it to be. Take them out for a walk before leaving to ensure they have had their share of tiring themselves out. When you leave after this it would be their rest time and so they would not engage in destructive activities.

Waggfluence pet camera and treat tosser is another idea to help your dog deal with separation pangs. The full HD camera helps you to view and talk real time to them. It also comes with a treat tosser so you can call them and toss treats if they have been good in your absence. This camera with live monitoring is easy to install and are found to be of great benefit to both the pets and their parents alike.

If you think that the separation anxiety symptoms of your pet refuse to diminish, it is time to consult your vet. For everything else you have us to take care of things as we cater to the best pet supplies online.

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