Hoodies and T-Shirts for pet pawrents

Hoodies and T-Shirts for pet pawrents

Hoodies and T-Shirts for pet pawrents

Did you really think that Waggfluence was just a pet supplies store? Well, you got that wrong. It is as much for you as a pet lover because Waggfluence is a celebration of your companionship with your four legged friend. We are proud of how well you are doing as a pet parent and we know how much you cherish the bond and love you share with your fur friend. Valuing that relationship, we feel you would love to flaunt a hoodie or a T-shirt that speaks of your affinity for animals. Wouldn’t it be cool if you wore one of these to a pet party, or when you walk your dog or just on a casual day out because you want the world to know you are a pet lover. Let us see for Waggfluence has in store for you.


Pristine white hoodies to show your pure love for your pets with vibrant graffiti denoting your love for your feline or canine, features prominently on Waggfluence. These are unisex hoodies with a soft outside and even softer brushed fleece inside. It has a relaxed fit and is very comfortable to wear. The hoodies come in three different designs and are perfect to wrap yourself into on a chilly evening. They all come with double lined hood with design on both sides. They all come with drawstrings with overlock seams. Available in sizes from XS to 2Xl ensures that you have one in your size. Lovely graffiti saying, “ My friend Dog”, “Happy time forever” and “I’m cute” coupled with cartoons of pets will surely lure you to get yourself one.


Waggfluence has a wide assortment of T-shirts for pet lovers in a variety of colours, sizes and great message display on them. The slogans on them coupled with cute cartoon pictures of either dog or cat will tempt you to get one for yourself. You will love the uniqueness of these T-shirts which are designed separately for men and women. They are all made of premium cotton fabric with a structured, classy fit. So irrespective of which one you pick for yourself, you will enjoy the great look and comfortable feel with it. You may layer the T-shirt or wear it on its own depending on your mood and how you would like to dress up that particular day.

Waggfluence also presents you the option of getting a customized T-shirt for yourself with your pet’s picture displayed on it. All you have to do is to upload a nice picture of your pet with good resolution on the “Drag and drop your pets photo or browse” button and then click on “Add to cart” button and checkout. It’s the coolest idea to have one for yourself or gift one to your friend with his/her pet’s photo on it as a gift.


There are quite a few unisex eco sweatshirts on Waggfluence to elevate your style in both casual and more dressed up outfits. The shirts all come with chic, crisp look and are made of organic and recycled materials. You will love them for their comfy feel, durable nature and extra soft touch to the skin.

All the clothing available for pet lovers on Waggfluence are special and exclusive in their own way. Their pronouncement of your love for pets makes them all the more distinctive in style and make. These make great and thoughtful gifting options too for a friend who is a pet lover. So what are you waiting for? Order now to avail discounts or offers applicable for limited time and stock. It’s time to rock in these classic wear and let the world know your love for your pet. Happy pet parenting!


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