How to keep your dog active in winters

How to keep your dog active in winters

How to keep your dog active in winters

The steady decline in temperature forces one to stay indoors within the confines of warm rooms. There is always the possible peril of catching cold and falling sick while venturing out on such days. Days are shorter and as the sun sets in early, all you wish is to snuggle under a blanket and stay warm. Winters also tend to make pets sluggish and lazy. Staying close to an electric heater or a fire place seems all that they want. But as we know, ‘All sitting and no play, makes Tommy a dull boy.’ The dogs might gain weight because of only eating and no exercise and this might have serious implication on their overall health and stamina. Bone health suffers adversely due to weight gain and arthritis may develop if not properly taken care of. To ward off such dangers, it is best to find out ways to keep your pooch active during the dreary winter months too. Waggfluence has some tips for all pet parents that they can employ to keep their pets happy and active indoors as well.

Waggfluence dog training equipment sets with tunnel adjustable hurdle- Winters are not an excuse to skip your pooch’s daily dose of training and exercise schedule. Waggfluence ensures that there is always a substitute for the usual outing to parks and training grounds. That is why we present you this training equipment with adjustable hurdle and tunnels to keep your dog active and energetic. You could have it in your backyard and can get it set when in use. This foldable set is made of durable plastic, so it can withstand all the wear and tear of training. Also it helps keep the dogs active so that they get their daily dose of exercise.

Waggfluence interactive suction push ball toy for dogs- A perfect way to keep the dogs on their toes even at home, this toy can be used even if you have less free space for them to play. They will love chasing after this ball as it zooms around and can play on their own without having someone to play with. This will keep you free to concentrate on your work without compromising on the fitness regimen of your fur friend. This toy is great for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Made of durable TRP material, it is also easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.

Waggfluence automatic dog tennis ball launcher- It is not every day that you want to play with your Fido. At the same time you do not want your fur friend to miss out on his activity schedule. For such days, this dog ball launcher comes as a savior. It plays fetch with your dog by launching the ball up to 10 feet, 20 feet or 30 feet as adjusted. This automatic ball launcher challenges them to learn something new and comprises interactive features which aids in their training sessions. Ideal for winter season when outdoor activity gets restricted, this toy keeps your pet entertained and engaged in healthy activities.

Waggfluence squeaky indestructible durable natural rubber dog chew ball- Get this chew toy for your pooch to keep him engaged within the home confines this winter. It has a built-in squeaker to attract and stimulate natural biting urges of dogs. Since it is made of natural food-grade rubber, soft and elastic, it is safe for your dogs to chew and bite this. Easy to clean, it can be washed and used again and again. This rattling ball also features a groove to add your dog’s favorite treats in them which increases the dog’s excitement to hustle with its mouth and eat.

Waggfluence interactive dog cat toy increases IQ dogs puppy training balls- It is a common complaint of most pet parents that their pet suffers from anxiety and destructive behavior during winter months when they have to stay indoors most of the time. This toy is designed to dispel gloom and any boredom of your fur pals by engaging them in this interactive toy fit for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. Made of high quality food grade ABS material, it is safe for your pets to use. Being easy to clean and assemble, it is easy maintenance for you too. This toy has great reviews that talk about its help in increasing the pets’ IQ and mental stimulation while reducing their destructive behavior at the same time.

These and more fun dog toys at Waggfluence are brought to you especially to keep your pets happy and engaged indoors during the winter months. Get them home and see how the cold months pass by in ease and comfort. 

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