How to stop puppy biting

How to stop puppy biting

How to stop puppy biting

Almost everyone who has raised a dog knows how much puppies love to sink their teeth in to almost everything they get access to. It could be a thing, it could be you! While puppy biting is a perfectly normal behaviour, it should be dealt with seriously so that they do not continue this habit as they grow older. Typically the puppy biting lasts about 3-6 months, but as in humans every puppy is different and the duration could be more or less depending on various factors.


Puppy biting is extremely normal as this is their way to interact with the world around them. They cannot use their paws to pick things up, so they use their mouths instead. While teething process in human kids, we know they love to sink their teeth into something and in the process end up biting their parents sometimes. Similarly, the puppies need to soothe their gums during teething and this could lead in their biting objects and people. Sometimes adult dogs too resort to biting as a form of aggression or if they feel a stranger is around to harm them. If pet parents do not take adequate actions to curb this habit in puppies, they might continue it into adulthood as well. Puppies bite when they are in a playful mood and get excited so much so that they dig into your skin as a gesture of love and thrill.


As you know, one trick does not work for all puppies. As dog parents, you have to be patient and employ one of more of these tips to curb your pup’s biting habit. Find out what works for your puppy and stick to it.

Outdoor exercise- Puppies are bundles of energy and they need to burn it in order to behave calmly after the exercise schedule. A tired puppy seldom bites. Get your pup to play in the backyard or take him to a dog park for a game of fetch or tug. Depending on the age and breed of your pup, you have to set a time schedule for exercise. A constructive outlet of the energy with proper exercise helps stop puppy biting in most cases. Waggfluence kong jumbler ball dog toy or Waggfluence dog flying disc could be a good buy.

Teach your pup simple commands- You should start training your pup with helping them understand the difference between yes and no. Reward them with a treat when they follow your commands. It will take some time and more patience, but when they eventually learn it is going to be quite easy for you. You can say the command ‘no’ when they start to bite onto your hand.

Be positive- When frustration creeps in, learning stops for both human and dog. Teaching your puppy basics can be a daunting task and it is natural to feel frustrated when they fail to respond even after your constant practice. The key is to take a break and not let the frustration visible around your pup. Dogs have a sense of reading our emotions and they need to be positive in their learning approach.

Chew toys work great- When your puppy knows which object it is okay to dig their teeth into, they will stop biting people. Get them chew toys that are made of high quality material so as to not cause any adverse effect on their health. Ensure that these toys can withstand aggressive chewing and are durable because it is not easy to replace them every now and then. When your puppy feels the need to chew, help them burn off some energy by getting them chew toys or edible chew sticks. Try Waggfluence sounding puppy dog chew toy or Waggfluence pet squeaky plush chew toys as the puppies will love to chew on them.

Simple timeouts- While during a game or play time, if your pup bites you, it is best to stop playing right away. Put them in their pen and take a break. This will indicate the pup that it was not okay to bite and they have been punished by taking a time out. Leave the room and eventually your pup will understand that when biting starts, playtime stops. They will gradually remember not to bite from thereafter.

Even after sincere efforts, if your dog does not stop biting, try to give them some time. Socialising your puppy with other dogs could also work for you as they will quickly learn what levels of biting and nipping are tolerable to other dogs. As they grow older and get engaged in their training and play sessions, they gradually forget to bite. It is never easy to be a parent but we at Waggfluence want you to be ready and prepared for all dog behaviour, assuming you are a new parent. Wishing you good luck in your endeavours to discipline your fur baby and to enjoy your journey of being a pup parent.

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