Keep your cat’s nails trimmed

Keep your cat’s nails trimmed

Keep your cat’s nails trimmed

Cats have an inherent habit of scratching. They scratch their toys, furniture or a fellow animal both in anger and glee. It can be a risk to both you as a cat parent and your cat if its nails are not trimmed and filed properly. Long nails can pose the possibility of painful scratches or injury to its paws once their long nails hits the ground. They are also dangerous for your cat when they want to retract their claws. At Waggfluence we understand your idea of keeping your pets properly groomed, so we suggest you to ensure that their nails are trimmed and in perfect condition.

Waggfluence Panda 7 in 1 cat and dog grooming kit consists of massage brushes; comb and most importantly nail clippers and nail file. Make the task of clipping your cat’s nails easier with this kit. First ensure that your cat is comfortable with the tools and does not think of them as anything scary. Periodically hold your cat’s paws so that it does not come as something unfamiliar when you hold its paws for a nail cut. Reassure your cat with soothing words and touch and reward them with treats during the entire process.

To start with it, ensure that both of you are in comfortable posture. Remain stress free because your cat can sense you are tensed by your body language and it will itself grow anxious and uncomfortable. Now pick up and hold your cat’s paws gently but firmly. If it retracts wait till it gets familiar and easy around the tools. Now start clipping the tip of the nail with care and precision. Make sure you do not go past the tip of the nail as it may hit the area where blood vessels are located and bleeding may occur. Waggfluence cat nail clippers trimmer scissors come with appropriately sharp blades specially designed for pets. The plastic handle assures easy grasp and makes the job effortless and non-fussy.

After filing use Waggfluence nail file to keep nails smooth and healthy. It is designed to follow the natural contours of a cat’s nails and is perfect for them. If you or your cat is not comfortable with this process seek the help of other family members or a professional. Reward them with a cat toy and their favourite cat food at the end for being so supportive throughout the process. For all other cat grooming supplies check out our online store for pet supplies for best products.

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