Mistakes to avoid when buying a pet bed

Mistakes to avoid when buying a pet bed

Mistakes to avoid when buying a pet bed

Just like us humans, a good sleep is vital to pets as well to get recharged and rejuvenated. Like us they need a bed that is comfy and suits their body type and size. Choosing a wrong bed may leave them feeling tired and irritable in the morning. As pet parents you want the best for your fur baby. If you are a new pet parent, chances are that you will not know how to differentiate a good one from an average one. Worry not! At Waggfluence we are here to address to all your queries and guide you to make the best decision. Let us talk about the mistakes to avoid while buying a bed for your fur friend.

The wrong size bed- Putting a large pet in a small bed make result in their squeezed sleeping position with no room to change sides. This will not only be uncomfortable for them but also lead to stiff joints and muscles in the long run. To buy the right size bed, measure your pet from its head to the point where its tail meets its body, preferably when sprawled out sleeping. If it is a puppy or kitten, you may be unsure of the size it will eventually grow into. Consult your vet to determine which size of bed to go for. Different breeds of dog and cats have different adult size, so do not forget to mention that while deciding.

Quality of bed- You might want to cut down on expenses while buying accessories for your fur friend but in the long run cheap is expensive. Buying a poor-quality bed may result in its wearing out faster and you will soon need to replace it. On the other hand, buying a good one will last longer and feel better to your pet. Other than durability, a good quality bed will be more comfortable and suited to adjust according to the sleeping pattern of your pet. Even after several washes, it will retain shape and colour and provide a good posture to your sleeping mate.

Chew- proof bed- Pets, especially dogs like to chew onto everything they can get their paws on. Puppies do it to ease the pain of teething. Adult ones do it to sharpen their teeth or just to relieve themselves of any stress or boredom. Chewing destroys the bed completely and it would need replacement too soon. Invest in a chew proof bed to avoid this. Also, while chewing your pet could harm itself by swallowing some contents that could be harmful for their intestines. Some of it could stick to their teeth and cause infections of gums and mouth. Additionally, be cautious of materials that your pet may be allergic to.

Special needs- Sometimes your pet may have special needs and you need to consider those while purchasing a bed. For an aging pet that suffers from sore joints or arthritis you should consider buying an orthopaedic mat. This will also be recommendable for pets with hip dysplasia or recovering from an injury. If your pet breed is too furry, you should consider buying a bed that keeps warmth only for a short period to prevent your friend from feeling too hot while sleeping. If your pet is not too furry, get a bed with a thick coat that stores heat.

Waggfluence presents a lot of dog and cat beds that comply to all of the aforesaid ideas. They are all removable, washable, high quality, hygienic and available in varied sizes and specifications. For any further assistance feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help.

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