Puppy training

Puppy training

Puppy training

Don’t we get impressed when we visit a friend’s place and notice their puppy disciplined and all trained to follow their instructions? It is really amazing and quite entertaining to see the cute balls of fur running and scrabbling around taking commands from their owners. If and when you bring a puppy home, you would want to train it just that way to have an enjoyable and comfortable journey as a dog parent. To train them well, you could take the help and guidance of a professional trainer. This is both slightly cumbersome and expensive. To train your pup on your own is easy if you follow some guidelines and routine your schedules in a planned fashion. A well trained and obedient puppy is more likely to become a well-balanced and happy adult dog.


Physical and mental well-being- The physical exercise that goes with the training process is great to keep your puppy active and agile. This helps them to remain happy and healthy as their play time is constructively utilised into building training. Training also helps your puppy to be able to cope with unfamiliar experiences and helps to prevent fear of meeting new people. They are also able to socialise better.

Spending time together- Your puppy adores you and any amount of time spent with you is never too much. When you self train your pup, you get to spend both quality and quantity time together. This provides the perfect opportunity to know your dog better, to understand its individual preferences and build a bond to last forever. A well trained puppy is likely to become a well balanced and happy adult dog.

Well behaved dogs- When you train your pup well, they grow into well behaved and disciplined dogs. When attending a get together or socialising with friends, you do not have to feel embarrassed about their undisciplined behaviour. Even basic training can help living with your puppy much easier and better. A trained puppy is always fun to be around because you have the confidence of knowing that they are friendly and easily manageable.


Puppies are quick learners and it will be easier for you the earlier you start. A basic set of everyday commands can make it convenient for you to handle them in social circles and elsewhere. It is also safe to move with them in busy places if they learn to follow your command. Start with teaching them ‘sit’ and graduate to ‘wait’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘lie down’ and more. Begin by holding a dog treat in front of your dog’s nose and lift it over the head so as to encourage them into a sitting position. Gradually, in due course of time replace the treat with hand gesture to sit and introduce a verbal cue at the same time. Likewise, teach them to lie down by lowering a treat between their front paws and pulling it away from them so as to bring them in a lying down position. Start to associate a verbal action with the command to make them understand and follow better.

While training them it is advisable to have a lot of patience and no anger if they do not follow it in the beginning. Do these sessions for a short time so as to hold their attention. A longer duration may distract them and make them reluctant to learn. Remember to reward them with praises, hugs and a low calorie treat to encourage them to learn more. Use the same words for the same commands to ensure that you are consistent and not confusing the puppy when taking commands. Say ‘no’ when you want to stop them from doing any activity like chewing your shoes or furniture, urinating in the house or climbing where they shouldn’t. Being clear makes them understand better. Be firm but not strict with them as punishments do not go down well with them in the learning process.

Puppies are bundles of energy and channelizing it in the proper direction is both important and constructive. Training them simple commands comes easy if you spend enough time with them so that they begin to trust you. Waggfluence has a lot of dog toys and appropriate leashes and harness to make this teaching session easier for you. Give your puppy the gift of healthy and happy development!

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