Purrrfect dreams, cuddly kitty!

Purrrfect dreams, cuddly kitty!


If you think cats nap too much, you are not far from truth. Cats seem to enjoy their nap time and can snooze almost anywhere, anytime! Did you know that cats actually log so many hours sleeping that by the time they’re 9 years old, its waking hours is only equivalent to 3 years of its snoozey life. Funny, but true!  If you have a cat at home, you know this, right? You want them to enjoy their nap time in a comfy cosy place. Waggfluence, with its awesome pet supplies brings to you some stylish beds and hammocks for your feline that will add a fashion element to your home in addition to being your kitty’s favourite spot at home.

Waggfluence cute plush noodles design cat bed house- As cute as your kitty, this bed is so soft and comfortable that it may have you wishing to own one for your size too! Designed like a noodle cup, this is bright and attractive to lure your purry pet to spend a lot of time in. It is easy to clean and maintain, so you are left with no reason to say no to it. Perfect for your instagram posts, this bed rates itself to a must buy category.

Waggfluence cozy cat hammock- This window hammock is surely going to be love at first sight. With its cool look and excellent quality and designed to consider your cat’s safety fully, this cat window bed is a great buy. It also has kitten footprints on it to increase its cuteness quotient. Its super strong high-quality suction cup can make it possible for you to re-install the perch even after a long time.

Waggfluence cat hammock in a vehicle- When you travel with your cat, you wish to ensure its safety and comfort in your vehicle. This hammock can easily be mounted in your car window, home or anywhere you take your kitty. An open-top cat bed provides safe and private cat space. Give your kitty a comfortable sunbath and outdoor view as it snuggles in this hammock.

What greater gifts than the love of your cat as you get them these and what greater gift for us to be trusted by you as your favourite pet store online!



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