Right temperature for pets in car

Right temperature for pets in car

Right temperature for pets in car

We know how much you love to travel with your furry friend in your car. We also know that such trips with you are one of the many things your pooch looks forward to. While you remember to stock up on various pet essentials when travelling, we want you to be prepared for more. Being responsible pet parents you should be aware of other health implications of travelling by road. Since cars heat up incredibly quickly on warm days, it is of utmost importance to know the ideal temperature of car so as to ensure a comfortable travel for the fluffy ones.
Studies have revealed that a lot of pet parents fail to recognize the symptoms of heatstroke in their pets which might turn dangerous if ignored. Pets are not equipped to deal with the heat like us humans which results in their getting dehydrated much sooner than us. In severe cases it might lead to hyperthermia issues such as heatstroke which in extreme case may be fatal. To avoid any such unpleasant mishaps, it is imperative to equip oneself with the right knowledge of adequate car temperature. Waggfluence, like always is here to guide you to find out if the car temperature is too hot or too cold for your pooch to travel in it. While the experts have deciphered the optimum temperature our pooches can withstand, Waggfluence has come up with Waggle Pet Safety Temperature monitoring System for cars to measure the vehicle’s internal temperature and warn you if it is beyond the comfort limits of your pet.

Waggfluence pet safety Temperature Monitor is easy to install. It has a built-in 4G Verizon cellular and a GPS tracking. In case of a power outage, Waggle pet monitor switches to battery mode and you will receive “RV power loss alert” via text and email. The Waggle monitor caters to all pet safety regulations. To add to the safety parameters, the pet monitor is now available with a free car seat. The portable car seat features a nonslip design to keep your pet secure in the car. It has two straps on the bottom that can be tied to the armrest. The straps can be tied in both directions. The padded comfortable seat ensures your pet is all set to enjoy those long rides with you.

The rechargeable batteries of the pet monitor ensure lower cost of maintenance of the product. The product offers all features at zero subscription cost and you get the additional benefit of real time alerts to warn you if the temperature is not within the desirable range. You will love it for the awesome tech support and its worth for money.

It is best not to leave your pets unattended in a vehicle, even if the windows are open. In case when you have to, use this temperature monitor to dispel your worries about the safety of your pets. Waggfluence is happy to announce that it is offering discounts on this product and more if you purchase it in more quantities. Avail the benefit while it lasts! Now travel with a fun filled and stress free mind as you embark on your journey with the temperature monitor installed and ready to serve. Wishing you a happy and safe trip with your furry friends!
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