Should you take your dog out to swim

Should you take your dog out to swim


With summer setting in fast and furious all you want to is cool off by jumping into a pool. As pet parent you want your dog to enjoy the bliss of splashing in water too and enjoying himself. But is it okay for dogs to go swimming? Does it have adverse effects on its skin, coat and overall health? What precautions should one take while considering swimming with one’s pooch? If these questions are nagging you, it is worth going through this and seeking details to all your queries.

Before we get started, it is very important to know that not all dogs love swimming. So if your dog is reluctant to jump into the pool, it is best for you to honour his wish. Medium to large size dogs such as Labradors and golden retrievers take to water with ease. On the other hand heavy dogs with short legs and large chests like bulldogs and boxers struggle to stay afloat.

When you first introduce your dog to water, let it be a fun thing and not look like a chore. Do it slowly and gradually keeping their comfort in mind. For first timers it is advisable to make them wear floatation vests for their safety. Keep them in pool for short period of time as dogs tire very easily, especially if they are puppies or older ones. Once they are in water, supervise them at all times.

The water in the pool or whichever water body you are taking your dog out to swim in should have clean water. The presence of algae in some rivers or sea may have potential health hazards on your dog, so it is best to keep them away from it if you are not too sure of its purity. Before swimming it is best to keep him well hydrated so that he is not tempted to drink that water. Carry Waggfluence outdoor travel water bottle to make him take a sip at regular intervals. Even chlorinated water in pools can cause upset stomach if ingested. Likewise salt water from the sea can trigger diarrhoea and vomiting.

After swimming you should ensure that the coat of your dog is clean and dried completely. For cleaning purpose you may use Waggfluence dog shampoo massager to make sure that any infection which may cause itchy skin can be got rid of. For drying them you may carry Waggfluence dog bath robe for small and large dogs in your backpack as it ensures quick and complete dryness. Clean and dry their ears as any water remaining in there may lead to ear infections.

Swimming is a great exercise for your dogs and there is nothing like it if he loves to swim. For all your pet stuff requirements and stories, we at Waggfluence are always with you.

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