Some helpful Christmas safety tips for pet parents

Some helpful Christmas safety tips for pet parents

Some helpful Christmas safety tips for pet parents

It’s the most joyous time of the year. There is a festive exuberance all around. The shops, the streets, the houses are all decked up to radiate the blissful jubilance. Even nature envelops itself in all its glory of beauty. Friends and families join to celebrate Christmas and New Year. While it is a busy time for all, it is all the more for pet parents who have to be alert about the well-being of their pets this season. The Christmas decorations and delicacies may be a cause of some injuries, accidents or allergies to the pets if they are not cordoned off it. Waggfluence cares for you and your pet and wants you to keep simple things in mind during this Christmas to keep your pets safe and to keep yourself stress free as to their safety.

Placement of Christmas tree- If you are planning on having a big Christmas tree, take care to place it in the corner of the room. If possible, tie it to a sturdy post to avoid its crashing down if an excited pet leaps on it. For additional security you could anchor the tree to your ceiling with a ceiling hook and fishing line. You could also consider setting up the tree in a room that you can keep closed when you are not around. Many pet parents also create a barrier using a plastic pen or baby gate so that the pets can’t access the tree.

Christmas tree water- For people who bring live pines, spruces and firs inside for Christmas need to use a water reservoir inside of the tree stand to keep the plant alive. Pet parents should ensure that this water reservoir is not accessible to the pets. The trees may sometimes release toxic sap into the stand as it drinks water from the reservoir. This might smell tasty to the pets and they may be lured to drink the water which might be deadly because of the sap. Many fresh trees are also preserved with pesticides and fertilizer water additives which can be harmful to the pets. It is best to block access to the stand by covering it with an aluminum foil and a well wrapped tree skirt.

Christmas lights, decorations and gifts- Choose artificial lights instead of candles to adorn your house. Opt for string lights without any open wiring to avoid any mishap. If you have a real pine tree, clean up all pine needles that fall off to avoid any injury to the pets. Décor items like ribbons or tinsels can be accidently ingested by the pets if not kept out of their reach which can lead to intestinal blockage to them. Tree ornaments may look like potential toys to the pets and chewing on them could cause cuts in the mouth, throat and digestive system. Christmas bouquets and floral arrangements that contain lilies are very hazardous to pets, especially cats as they can cause fatal kidney failure in them.

Christmas treats and chocolates- Receiving gifts from visitors is a part of Christmas festivities and chocolates and candies are a popular one. Keep all the chocolate boxes out of reach of your pets as any ingestion of these may cause chocolate poisoning, especially in dogs. The Xylitol and Theobromine present in these sweets can adversely affect their heart and may lead to serious implications. Feeding the begging pets some table scraps can also be dangerous if they contain any bone pieces causing a choking hazard. Cakes and pastries with nuts and raisins should be safely kept away from the reach of the pets as they might cause digestive allergies.

Pre party planning- Whether you are the host or guest in a Christmas party, it is going to be a long evening for all. Before the festivities begin, spend some time with your fur pal by playing with them and taking them out on a walk. This will help them with their much needed daily share of exercise and also tire them out so that they will not bother you much later. If your pets feel anxious around so many people and all the jubilant noises, calm them with soothing words. Have a room ready before hand for such situations where you can leave them with their favorite toys, a bowl of fresh water and some treats. Keep their cozy beds in there so that the pets get to relax until the party gets over. If the dogs bark excessively or your cats meow continuously, try to understand that it is a part of their venting out fear and anxiety. Do not scold them or shout at them as it will make matters worse. Clean up after the party so that the pets don’t lay their paws on any dangerous things. Keep the garbage bag knotted properly to keep excited pets off searching for leftovers in them.

Christmas is a celebration time for all, including your pets. Include them in this joy by getting them some pet toys as Christmas gift or buy them a cozy bed. Make them some pet treats or buy them so that they too feel something special on this day. Let your pets bask in the glory of the day. Merry Christmas to all!

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