Some weird cat behavior that is normal

Some weird cat behavior that is normal

Some weird cat behavior that is normal

If you are a new cat parent or even if you are a veteran one, there might have been times when you would find your feline’s behaviour a little weird. Since they keep repeating those activities, you must be inquisitive as to whether it is a normal behaviour or you need to see a vet. Well, there are a lot of cat behavioural aspects which even though weird are perfectly normal. Go on to read what could be those, so that the next time you feel bewildered at your cat’s behaviour, you know there is nothing to fret about.

Bringing you dead animals- Most cats have this very bizarre urge to look for dead animals like mice, birds or lizards when you take them out in the open, and bring them to you. You must find this creepy and no matter how well you have tried to explain to your kitty to stop bringing you these ‘gifts’, they simply insist on it! While this is not abnormal, it is best to keep your cat inside. Dead animals can be a source of parasites and bacterial infection which could infect your cat since they carry the dead being in their mouth. Also, your predator cat can have a devastating impact on ground nesting birds. Instead give your kitty some cat toys and help them hunt the treats inside.

Eating plants- It is believed that nibbling on plants in small quantities is actually good for cats as they draw some nutrition from it. In large quantities, it can have a laxative effect or cause vomiting. If you feel your cat is always drawn towards the houseplants, try to keep them out of their reach. More importantly, make sure that your house plants are not toxic to felines. Common house plants like aloe and Easter lilies can be deadly for your kitty, so it is best to not keep them at all.

Sleeping all day- You might find your cat the laziest being ever because sleeping and lounging around the whole day comes naturally to them. This is not abnormal as most cats will eat and play in brief bursts, but spend most of their time at rest. The reason for this is that cats evolved in the wild where they would hunt for a short period and take rest for the rest of the day to conserve energy. It is a kind of survival trait that they have grown used to. So even though they are now domesticated, the basic nature continues.

Getting high- You might wonder what it is that catnip toy does to your kitty. Well, yes you guessed it right. Chemicals in catnip produce a response similar to intoxication. Some cats may show a lot of attraction towards it while others might completely ignore. Catnip is a herb that is known to have beneficial effects on cats when taken in moderate amounts. Getting high after consumption of catnip is perfectly normal.

Eating wool- You must have noticed your cat trying to eat inedible things like wool. Of course you feel anger when you see that hole in your favourite woollen sweater or your cat trying to eat your yarn of wool. But this is normal with cats as a way to dispel boredom. You just need to be cautious that they don’t choke on something, so it is best to keep things that they might be attracted to nibbling, away.

These common cat behaviours, although a little weird, come naturally to most felines. To make them active and interested you could get them cat toys to keep them busy and also to make them physically and mentally agile. Knowing your kitty is good and at Waggfluence we want you to keep knowing and understanding them better.

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