Throw your pet a party

Throw your pet a party

Throw your pet a party

Fortunately for the world Covid-19 is receding and life is getting back to regain normalcy. After a long term of staying away from friends and family, it is time to reunite and have a blast. Every other weekend it is the get togethers that keep us occupied and get us rejuvenated for the upcoming week. Meeting with friends work a lot to keep us stress free and away from the boredom and monotony of life. This holds true not only for us but also for our pets that look forward to meet and greet their fellow paw friends and spend some time together. How about planning a party for them and giving a surprise to your fur friend?

Arranging a party for your pets can be a world of fun but there are a lot of things that one should bear in mind before the plan. If you are planning one next, be sure to tick the list that follows.

The invitees- You wouldn’t like a party where you are not familiar with people present, right? The same goes true for your four legged baby too. So when you decide the guest list, be sure to invite those pets that your dog already knows. They could include the dogs that frequent at the dog park you visit with your fido or the dogs of your friends and family that often visit your place. Be sure not to include those with whom your dog does not get along with. You sure do not want a barking and howling at each other party.

The venue matters- Just like we humans enjoy a party more if the venue is great, the same goes for the pets too. A nice spacious venue for dog party is what they are going to enjoy well. Let it be a familiar place for them like maybe your backyard or the dog park they are regulars to. Ensure that the place is safe and well enclosed with no dangers like sharp edged boundary or gardening tools that may be a potential peril.

Sending invitations- When you are planning a dog party, the pet parents will all worry about the probable problems that their dog might get into. For example fleas and ticks infested dog could infect others too. If the dogs get into any fight, are they all properly vaccinated and up to date with the medications they require. Share these information and queries with all the invited pet parents to assure them that their dogs will be in a safe place. Also if the invitees are bringing their children over, it is best to make them cautious beforehand about the number of dogs you are going to have.

Entertainment- Encourage your friends to bring the favorite toys of their fur babies to the party to keep them engaged so as to not cause any mischief in the party. This should be especially applicable to the hyper active dogs that could create problems for the rest of your guests and their paw friends. Have some stocked with yourself too in case your guests forget to bring their own.

Food and drinks- What is a party without good food and drinks! Well, in this case lot of fresh and clean water in their bowls which you need to top them every now and then. Keep dog treats in stock so as to pamper them with their favorite ones. Dog cakes and dog cookies are generally loved by all, so remember to stock up on them well before. Ask your guests if their dogs are allergic to any food so as to be cautious not to serve it to them. Check the ingredients to make sure that it contains nothing that may be unsuitable for the canines.

Now that you have all set, it is time to send out invitations and party with full gusto. You, your pooch, your friends with theirs and Waggfluence make a great team. Shop with us to make your party a great one!

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