Tips For Raising A Happy Indoor Cat

Tips For Raising A Happy Indoor Cat

Tips For Raising A Happy Indoor Cat

Cats are basically quite independent creatures and do not complain about being left to themselves. These curious beings are natural hunters and so indoor cats get bored easily because they have very little to do. While cats appreciate sunshine, fresh air and exercise, they do not always require going out to be content. You can find new and innovative ideas to get them busy and engaged all day. Outdoor cats confront a variety of dangers like contracting contagious infections, pet theft, and road accidents among others. The only sure way to keep them safe is to discourage them from venturing outside. If you are wondering how to keep your kitty happy indoors, we are here with a few helpful tricks.

Keep them busy - Cats in general, usually seem tired and bored all day long. And as they say, all sleep and no play, makes kitty a plump cat. Gaining weight could pose a serious health issue for them. Staying all day long without anything to do may pose another risk to their overall attitude. To keep them engaged try different cat toys that delight their natural instinct to chase, pounce and kick. Waggfluence presents an assortment of cat toys that stimulate their mind and alleviates boredom and loneliness to a great extent. Waggfluence smart sensing cat snake toy and Waggfluence smart sensing USB charging mouse toy for cats could be a great buy. The amazing interactive toys serve the purpose of fun and unique ways to keep your cat entertained.

Let them scratch - Cats have a natural urge to scratch and scrape with their paws. Save your furniture and upholstery from being their targets and get them scratch board instead to satisfy their natural cravings. Having a cat at home and not having a good scratch board for cats is actually not a good idea. Invest in a good quality one which does not hurt the claws of your kitty and is fun for the. Make sure these are strong and durable enough to last long and thus value for your money spent on buying it. Waggfluence has some great scratch boards for cats that double up as either toy or beds or perching tops for them.

Cat litter basics - Being a cat parent, you must be aware about how finicky they are when it comes to using their litter boxes. Cats need a lot of bathroom privacy and also a clean litter pan. They won’t use one if they think another cat has used it or if it is still soiled from their previous use. They also prefer to have their litter trays and eating bowls nowhere near to each other. If you want them to be comfortable, keep their litter trays and dining places in separate rooms. If you have more than one cat, have two to three litter trays and keep them clean. Waggfluence has options of self cleaning litter trays for cats which are both hygienic and easy to maintain.

Take them on walks with you - Like dogs, cats also love to roam around and see the surroundings. Some cats do not mind being leashed while others prefer to walk without them. Start early to train them be on leash so that it is safer for them on streets as you can control their movement. Alternatively, you may carry them in pet carrier bags which are hands free and easy for you to use. Waggfluence also has trolley carriers for pets which are transparent and on wheels to facilitate travelling with them.

Do not forget catnips - Catnip is a plant in the mint family that contains a natural oil called nepetalactone which has a unique effect on cats. When inhaled or consumed, it produces a mild natural high in cats which is quite harmless and also a temporary effect. Most cats love it for the pleasurable feeling it produces in them. If you see your cat rolling in glee after having catnip, it is because they are high on it. Waggfluence has catnip toys that are great to keep your kitty stimulated and happy. Get some to keep your cat interested and also active.

Love says it all - Everything comes down to your cat feel loved to keep them happy. Make it a point to spend quality time with your fur baby every day. Play with them either indoors or take them out on walks or just have them on your lap as you watch television or read a book. There is no better way to keep them happy than to hug and cuddle them. Cats can sense your mood quite well, so be happy in order to pass it on to your kitty. Your stress and anxiety can get to them. Staying joyful makes sharing happiness much easier.

This quite sums up all that you need to think of to have a happy, healthy and active cat at home. If you can, then think of having pairs as pets to ward off their loneliness and for them to be there for each other in your absence. Cats do not seek much attention and are popular because of their carefree attitude. Just keep small little details in mind and we are sure you will love being a cat parent all the more. A happy kitty is a happy you!

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