Why cats like to climb

Why cats like to climb

Why cats like to climb

The basic nature of cats is built to climb and jump. In times when cats were yet to be domesticated, they had to climb trees and leap long distances as ways of survival. They had to avoid danger, find food and that is why they are gifted with a flexible musculoskeletal system to give them exceptional coordination and balance when they jump high. If you were wondering as a cat parent the reasons why your cat loves to sit up high, we have a few explanations.

Theory of evolution - Cats are predominantly wild animals and it is in their inherent quality to observe their world from a high point. This stems from the fact that back when they lived in jungles, they were both predators to mice, birds and rabbits and prey to larger animals like owls or eagles. Being perched up high provided them a better view of the potential prey and also allowed them to see a predator approaching. A higher vantage point on the trees and bushes further offered some the much needed camouflage from predators. So the next time your find your kitty perched on top of your wardrobe or refrigerator, you know that it is their instinctual habit which remains deeply ingrained in their biological and evolutionary makeup.

The status symbol of dominance- Even after domestication, cats retained their penchant for high spots because of several other reasons as well. Cats are private beings and settled in some high up place gives them their own privacy and some calm space in the busy household. In a house with multiple pets, it helps them avoid confrontation with other cats in the home. Normally in a house with multiple cats, it has been observed that the cat with the best vantage point is typically considered the dominant cat. In this case, having a number of high points in home can prevent conflict because each cat has their own spot and hence no clashes.

Exercise is important- Cats get bored very easily because basically they are also lazy beings. Climbing gives them physical and mental stimulation because a bored cat could also become destructive. To keep them from scratching your furniture or upholstery, it is better to provide them some vertical space that will keep them busy in addition to satiating their instinctual urge to climb. Some exercise helps maintain body weight as most domesticated cats turn obese and consequently a host of various diseases. This becomes all the more important if you have multiple cats because cats’ hierarchies are determined by vertical placement and height. Having a vertical space with number of perching points helps in maintaining balance in your home’s kitty society.

How to stop cats from climbing up your household belongings

It could be irritating to see your cat jump up your kitchen counter and knock things off. Equally irksome is seeing your kitty be perched on top of your book or crockery shelves. This could not only damage things but also pose threat to the cat as they might cut or bruise themselves. To stop them from doing so and also paying heed to their natural instinct, it is best to get some hanging spots and vertical space for your fur pal. Waggfluence knows the importance of having these in every cat household and so has come up with few interesting cat trees and hanging swings to keep your cat happy and you sane.

 Waggfluence cat hammock window view has been designed to mount it on your window and offer an outdoor view to your cat. Your kitty will love to jump and perch on it and enjoy itself. The suction cups make it easy to install and take down. The insulating pad on it holds your cat’s body heat while trapping dirt and cat dander.

Waggfluence warm soft fleece cat hanging hammock is ideal for winters as the radiator bed keeps your cat warm and cosy. Made from a soft and luxurious material, this spot provides your cat a great spot to jump on and relax. It can be hung on any location as a resting place and a climbing opportunity for your feline.

Now that you have alternative arrangement you can make to stop your cat from climbing on to your household goods, it is time you order them as soon as possible. Get them their own perching spot and we assure that you will feel a lot at ease after this purchase. Keep your things tamperproof and your kitty happy at the same time by installing one of these in your house. Let your fur ball climb up to happiness and more fun!

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