Why does my dog spin in circles

Why does my dog spin in circles

Why does my dog spin in circles

Spinning in circles is one very common but weird behaviour of dogs. Sometimes it may seem a little funny too to see your dog spin around like that. While you may think of it as more of a routine feature, you should probably know why they do it. After all isn’t decoding your dog’s behaviour something that you like in order to know him better? Let us talk about the more probable times when your dog loves to spin and the reasons behind such an activity.

Spinning before lying down

We are sure as pet parents you perfectly relate to that. Most dogs walk in circles before lying down for a rest. Here we have to understand that there are few habits which have been passed down to them by their ancestors who lived in the wild. Now even though they are domesticated and stay as pet animals at home, it does not alter their age-old behaviour of methodically circling and pawing the bed before plopping down to sleep. This is done to release its scent that serves as an aromatic alert to other dogs. It serves as a signal that this area belongs to it and a warning for no one else to intrude upon. The ancestors would circle and paw at twigs and leaves to create the perfect sleeping area and the right bowl shape to fit their bodies and also to make it difficult for wild predators to spot them. Now they have a cosy bed and sleeping area, but the habit continues. So if you thought of their circling around before nap time as weird, now you know the reason why.

Spinning before relieving themselves

This is another time when most dogs walk in circles. The reason for this pre-poop ritual is not something anyone knows for sure. The first probable reason could be that your dog needs to kick start the bowel movement and it is possible that circling helps accomplish this. This is just like many people have a habit of using the bathroom after a cup of hot tea or coffee in the morning. The second reason is more related to the behaviour passed down to them by their ancestors who lived in the wild. Their circling before squatting down to relieve themselves was a smart way to survey the surroundings for safety. It allowed them to sniff for possible predators and avoid any surprise attack while in a vulnerable position. Your modern day dog still retains this 360 degree movement before pooping.

Happy spinning

Sometimes dogs spin in circles to exhibit their happiness. When they see their favourite person walking in the door after being away for either long hours or several days, they spin around as a gesture to dance in glee. They display their excitement by spinning quickly, prancing up and down and letting out happy yelps. This circling is more of a happiness display than anything else.

Too much spinning

In some cases, pet parents observe that their dogs spin around a lot and that too needlessly or without any probable reason. They might circle to the point of even ignoring their food or sleeping. This is when you need to be alert as this might be an indication of some serious underlying issues. In these cases, a thorough veterinary examination is required and the vet may put your dog to anti- anxiety medications. This may be accompanied by some behaviour modification therapy if your vet thinks it to be appropriate. In senior dogs, circling is often due to canine vestibular disease which is in charge of balance in dogs or canine cognitive dysfunction which means dementia or doggie Alzheimer’s.

If you want to divert the attention of your dog when he is spinning much, you can use his favourite dog toys to attract him. Alternatively, you can use dog balls and engage him in a play. Look for the perfect dog toys and dog balls at Waggfluence for a happy doggie and a happy you.


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